Michelle Williams White Hot Channeling Marilyn for GQ

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bill-swift - January 19, 2012

Michelle Williams is one of those rather serious (and talented) thespianics who can move you with her work on the screen, and, more importantly, move you with the removal of her clothes on the screen, making her a double threat and a recurring Egotastic! favorite.

And while the chameleon like actress does that thing where she tries to downplay her female hotness in favor of being taken seriously for her craft, every now and then she lets the sensual dogs loose and shows a side of herself that puts us beside ourselves with lust, as in her new pictorial in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine, where Michelle takes one last crack, and one amazing crack, at channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe for the pinning up of our libidos. Yep, it works. Enjoy.

Check out the full article on Michelle in GQ, or visit the slideshow for the full set of pictures.