better Kate Upton GQ pictures are here

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editor - June 28, 2012

Finally, some clear, high-res versions of Kate Uptons fantastic shoot for the July issue of GQ are online. And Tyler Gold members might even notice that I spent the last 90 minutes removing the annoying tags and print from the first pictures, making it that much more believable (and erotic!) when someone inevitably photoshops out that popsicle and adds a cock.

(ok so it seems there is no Tyler Gold program, but if you felt like sending me money or, if you're a hot girl, naked pictures, by all means go for it.)

UNSEXY UPDATE - GQ, and more to the point GQ's lawyers, are under the impression that some of these pictures haven't been released yet and aren't online, and they came to that conclusion by seeing them online on this website. So those new pictures have been "removed by request", but that still leaves us with cleaner copies of the pics from 10 days ago, so take that you greedy corporate fat-cats!

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