Sophie Monk Turns Heads At Virgin Australia Fashion Festival

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elliot-wolf - March 12, 2018

Sophie Monk looks like she packs more spunk than a M-80 firecracker. She’s more than fun to look at than a bag of Mexican jumping beans and clearly marriage material if it ever boiled down to it. Monk is definitely my kind of woman. I think black being her favorite color may be the only thing we would need to change when she finally decides to pay me a visit. With the amount of never-ending sun around these parts she’ll get hotter than a car seat sitting in the parking lot of the local Fair with that black leather dress on. And the last thing I need is the newest love of my life overheating on me.

I’m going to have to throw myself into the world of fashion if that’s what tickles her fancy. My blanket lined Carhartt Duck Detroit jacket in brown brings in all of the compliments from my lady friends. Some even say I look like Matthew McConaughey from the movie Interstellar if the sun hits my face just right. I believe I’m somewhat of a handsome man dressed handsomely at times. We could even do the his and her matching outfits that the couples do. Sophia’s so gorgeous that she does more than just turn my head, she leaves it spinning on a swivel every time I see her.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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