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Emily Ratajkowski Nude Almost Topless Almost Crazy Hot Definitely In GQ Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski floats my boat in so many wonderfully tingly ways. I won’t say we discovered Emily, that’s like Columbus saying he discovered America when it was always here. But I do like to think we played our part in spreading the world on the former iCarly actress turned hot body goodness model. This is my life’s work after all, sorry, mom.

Emily Ratajkowski is barely covered but most of her absolutely perfect body shines through in her new pictorial spread in GQ magazine. She really can’t take a poor shot, not with all of her hot body talent, but the good magazine folks have managed to capture Emily in yet another truly memorable and epic peek. She really is so damn hot I want to chew on a towel or take a Polish language class online or something. That’s commitment, Emily. I hope you see that. Enjoy.

Check out the full spread on Emily Ratajkowski in GQ online.

Elsa Hosk Goes Topless for GQ Romania

Elsa Hosk Goes Topless for GQ Romania July 2014
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Swedish model Elsa Hosk let it all hang out in this photoshoot for GQ Romania. By “all” I mean her splendid Scandinavian funbags. She’s got on some sort of bondagey looking thing with the boobtacular region cut out for our viewing pleasure. Elsa’s Swedish meatballs are pretty much perfect. They are have slightly upturned nips that are all kinds of pokey. Her boobies are just the right size. They are the boobs Goldilocks would have chosen, not too big and not to small. They know how to put things together in Sweden to make them more sleek and stuff. In another photo, Elsa has on a tiny bikini. I mean tiny. Like, if you strung together all the fabric it might make a bandana. This allows yet another view of her lovely sideboobs.

I didn’t even know there was a GQ in Romania. I wonder if they have spreads for fashionable werewolves and vampires? Maybe there are ads with Dracula for Bulova watches.

Petra Nemcova Crazy Sweaty Hot and Boobtastic Teasing in GQ

Petra Nemcova isn’t a bad looking lady. I’d probably let her date me if she asked nicely, and wore that sweaty revealing workout wardrobe she’s donning in GQ Portugal this month. How damn and dripping wet is that body on the Czech supermodel hottie, showing off all kinds of allure and potential for deep dark prurient thoughts.

Sometimes I see such beauty and I want to smile. Sometimes, it’s so profound, I want to cry. But in all cases I begin penning my letters to the lovely lady at the center of the sextastic storm and remind her that charity begins at home. And I sure would like to visit her home for a little charity. Petra, I could be your ultimate act of benevolence. I just need like ten minutes and you in that Flashdance outfit all shiny. The angels will sing. Enjoy.

Carola Remer Topless Outdoor Hotness for GQ

Carola Remer Topless Photoshoot for GQ Germany
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Carola Remer is a somewhat rare talent in so much as she’s a sultry dark beauty hailing from Germany. We just had a blonde Brazilian bombshell, so why not a come hither hottie brunette from Deutschland? That was rhetorical I guess since Carola Remer and her ridiculously sextastic body and bare top featured in GQ Germany are a wonderment that must be shared. I like to think Carola is outdoors pursing her lips and blowing on daisies while topless most of her waking hours. I guess she also has to make the strudel and knockwurst in the kitchen at times, but, else-wise, she’s probably out in nature being au natural and just so damn alluring.

Carola, I wish I could speak German so I could properly explain to you all the complicated feelings I’m experiencing leering at your fine female form. Let’s just go with wunderschön!

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Amy Markham Topless Glamorous Treats from Across Pond in GQ Italy

Amy Markham Sexy Topless Photoshoot for GQ Italy
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Usually when we see sextastic brunette model Amy Markham, she’s strolling along the beach trying to keep her tremendous treats from falling out of not quite fully containing bikini top. Now, she’s giving up trying to contain her faptastic funbags yearning to be free, and exposing her bare boobtastic in this glamourous Michael Magers photoshoot for GQ Italy.

We’re big fans of Amy’s. We’ve never met her, but because she’s good looking and topless we’re going to assume she’s a wonderful woman until told otherwise. And, let’s be honest, even if told otherwise, we’d still go out with her because what the hell do friends and family and police detectives and forensic psychiatrists know anyhow. She still seems nice to me. Especially when her lingerie falls off. Super nice. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Goes Super Katy Cocktease In Hot Photos for GQ

Katy Cocktease is in full blitz attack in the new edition of GQ magazine, talking about sex, money, and Obama. One thing she is not doing, showing off her faptastic funbags in full. Yes, in part, in gloriously hot part. There’s no denying that Katy is one crazy hot pop diva. All of which is so much more frustrating for her lack of visual fulfillment still after all this time.

Nevertheless, I never look a gift horse in the mouth. We thank our friends at GQ magazine for this sneak peek at Katy’s divinely fine female form on the pages of their magazine. She is a looker all right. Enjoy.

Check out the full story and gallery of Katy Cocktease in GQ magazine this month. It is rather inspiring.

Dylan Penn Is By Far the Best Sean Penn Work Ever

Who knew that such a beauty could come from the labors of Sean Penn. It didn’t hurt that her mom was quite the fetching lady in her actress heyday. But Dylan Penn seems to be taking this hot Penn thing to an entirely new level, with her cleavy, breakout pictorial in GQ magazine this month.

The young 20′s model and I suppose soon to be actress is quite the hot ticket around town, rumored to be dating a million different men, though sadly, my own name has never come up in these lists. Judging solely on her allure and her bosom, I’m going to predict a bright future for this lady, provided her father doesn’t show up to too many of her meetings and start kicking people or talking about his bike. Enjoy.