Hannah Ferguson Side Boob and Under Boob Crazy Hotness

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bill-swift - September 10, 2014

I happen to like really hot girls with amazingly inspiring bodies and perfect funbags. Call me crazy. But this pictorial of SI swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson in GQ is pushing all my buttons, including the big red one that sends the Wonkavator through the roof.

There's something to be said for super hot women who got it, flaunting it. And that thing is something along the lines of 'wahoo'. Thank heavens for hot women with a penchant for loving compliments on their hotness. Hannah, I could say nice things about you all day long as you tried on various different tops that immodestly fit you perfectly. I'd make you blush. Then, with my tales of woe, I'd make you cry and feel like giving me some sympathy making of the sexy time. That is my m.o. I'm not changing until it stops working. Enjoy.