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Sofia Vergara Cleavetastic In Her Little Red Showy Dress in GQ

Sofia Vergara is so teasy veteran hot, I want to climb through the pages of this month’s GQ India and just, well, let her know I’ve been climbing through pages to see her. Maybe ask her for a little peck on the cheek or a bigger peck somewhere else. She’s just all kinds of teasy fun bedroom kitten hot. Like a sultry siren of the domestic lands for whom you’d gladly crash your ship for but a moment of gazing upon her femme fatale form.

I can think of many alluring things in this world, but Sofia Vergara in a little red dress and come hither smiles? Well, that’s very tough to beat. Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Wicked Lingerie Hot for GQ

Eiza Gonzalez may best be known for being the woman Liam Hemsworth jumped to when he and Miley Cyrus broke off their engagement. But she ought be known in her own right, if not for her musical career south of the border, then for her ridiculously hot good looks, on display in GQ Mexico this month.

Now, who knows how relationships truly end or why or who was at fault, I like to merely focus on the rebound effect. Judging by my own judging of Eiza in little sextastic bits of lingerie, I’m going to say his rebound was a slam dunk. That’s two basketball metaphors used to described she-banging a smoking hot Mexican woman. I’m that good. Eiza is better. Enjoy.

Adele Exarchopoulos French Hotness Invades GQ

You may not be familiar with French thespianic Adele Exarchopoulos, but if you see her in her extended lesbionic sex scene with Lea Seydoux in the new flick, Blue is the Warmest Color, I assure you, you will never forget her.

Or you can simply gaze upon her hotness from this sneak peek at her new GQ magazine photoshoot provided by our periodical friends who also admire fine female beauty. The cigarette alone is worth the price of admission. Such classical French hottie posing. Makes me feel like I’m back on the beach in Cannes, checking out all the crazy hot European behind the wall on the private beach that I wasn’t allowed to visit. Oh, the bittersweet memories of France. Enjoy.

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Emily Ratajkowski Covered Topless Wicked Sextastic for GQ and Terry Richardson

You probably thought Terry Richardson was a lucky bastard just for shooting freebies in his home studio of stellar hot women. Now consider the fact that his day job is shooting the likes of Egotastic! favorite, Emily Ratajkowski, for GQ magazine and some serious coin. Lucky lucky bastard.

Emily is somewhat uncharacteristically covered topless in her new magazine pictorial, but none of her innate hotness is covered up, not in the least. It’s a playful shoot of a seriously playful brunette kitties with simply one of the single best bodies in the world. I say that mostly with the hope that Emily will read that and be blindly smitten with me for up to three minutes of naughty fun time. Enjoy.

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Lizzy Caplan Mistress of Sex for GQ Magazine

Lizzy Caplan deserves your full and undivided attention. Not nearly as simple as dividing your attention, this is quite the opposite. Focus like a laser beam on the sweet nectar goodness of Lizzy Caplan in this twin view of her Steven Pan shot pictorial in the October edition of GQ magazine. Actually, the photo on the left is an outtake, which won’t appear in the magazine, but you know how we feel about outtakes, so bless our friends at GQ for sharing that with us and all of you.

Lizzy is starring in the new nekkid TV series, Master of Sex, which from its tittle alone, and knowing that Lizzy will be baring her fun tops on the show, well, just set your DVRs right this second. It could be about space aliens or kids who band together to rebuild the old country covered bridge. It doesn’t matter. But Lizzy does. Because she needs about ten more seconds of your undivided attention. Enjoy.

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Behati Prinsloo Hot Hot Heat in Lingerie for GQ Latin America

Wow, just when you think you’re over a girl, Behati Prinsloo is back and just so damn sweet looking in her little bits of lingerie for GQ Latin America. I mean, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Adam Levine might just end up with a higher quality series of notches on his bedpost than my own marks on my IKEA futon. But, now, Behati Prinsloo.  It all just seems so unfair.

Someday, I’d like to take Behati shopping for lingerie, and have the entire experience not involve handcuffs and the state police chasing down my whereabouts. But, for now, just a safe but sextastic perusal of her stellar fine body in silky bras and panties will do. Everybody needs a Plan B.  Enjoy.

Anna Kendrick in GQ, Solitary Cleavy Hotness

Oh, where to begin with this little number. Anna Kendrick posing in an open coat and a bra, he full bosom nearly exposed to the watchful eye of Kendrick lusters everywhere. Okay, fair enough, I’ll start with the overbite. And why not, it’s where most of my Anna Kendrick fantasies begin, not end mind you, but begin. Watching the sextastic minx nibble the outer edge of various vital objects before consuming the center. Like an extremely good looking rabbit with the super power to arouse one million men simultaneously with just a coquettish smile. Oh, the carrots I would feed her.

You can catch the entire Anna Kendrick interview and mini pictorial on the pages of this month’s GQ magazine. For further more devoutly disturbing and sexualized imagery, you’ll have to hook up one of those brain monitors to capture my dreams. Enjoy.