Film Production

Jessica Perez Rips Off Her Top on Set of ‘They Came Together’

Well, call it a movie title based on a concept I never quite understood, They Came Together, the new Paul Rudd and Cobie Smulders film shooting in New York featured the sight of S.I. model Jessica Perez ripping off her top and exposing her bikini top beneath. Now, we have no idea what the scene entails or the reason for said rippage, we just know we loved the movie magic taking place and we’ve already pretty much now purchased our tickets for the 2014 release of this film.

Also, if it’s not too much to ask, we’d like to be the make-up who keeps the glare off Jessica’s chest in the next take of the scene. Enjoy.


Nikki Reed Playing Drunken Party Girl With Upskirts in Short Leather Skirt in ‘Empire State’

We’ve always been Nikki Reed fans. One of the few highlights to come out of the Twilight movie series. The striking hot young actress is now filming Empire State in the Empire State and from what we can tell of her partied-hard look in a short black nearly-nice-revealing black leather skirt, she plays some kind of bedraggled party girl, looking exactly like I imagine she would look leaving my apartment after a long night of biting her way through my Boy Scout rope ties. Enjoy.

These Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer Shots from On Set Are Driving Me Wild

Let’s break this down all scientific.

Who doesn’t lust how Australians? And Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer are two mighty fine specimens from the land Down Under; two drop dead gorgeous young thespianics who have seen fit to dangle their darling wares in Hollywood, making Tinsel Town that much hotter.

Seeing the two girls splashing about in the ocean on the set of Knight of Cups, the Christian Bale movie that will likely prove to be heavier than a lead weight drenched in lead and soldered to even more lead weights, still, it all has me feeling very much like I broke into an Aussie schoolgirl sorority fantasy at just the moment before the skirts start dropping, which for my actual fantasy is about three nano-seconds from the beginning. I like to move quick.

Is it just me or are you seeing this too?  Enjoy.

Gabriella Wilde Portrays a Sexy ‘Sue Snell’ Working Out Her Teen Bitchy in ‘Carrie’ Remake

No offense to Amy Irving, who gave an amazingly bitchy-good performance in the original film version of Carrie, but Gabriella Wilde in the role of the iconic high-school hottie who learns a lesson about how badly Carrie is going eff-the-shizz up with her psychic meltdown on all mean people in the school, well, British thespianic hottie Gabriella Wilde has to take top honors.

I’m not exactly sure why they’re remaking this fine film, and despite fairly stellar looking cast, I’m already wondering where on the list of misplaced remakes  this film might ultimately rank, still, it’s at its core a film about a goth chick reigning down the pain on some sexy stuckup cheerleaders, the ultimate girl fight, so we’re bound to love it on concept. As for Gabriella Wilde, we love her more than just on concept. Check her out doing stretches and bends. Enjoy.

Erin Heatherton Soapy Cheerleader Pictures from the Set of ‘Grown Ups 2′

Are you like me? Have you just been clamoring ceaselessly for a sequel to the movie Grown Ups, unable to go on with your daily life, let alone plan long term without knowing if there’d be a second edition to this cinematic fable? Yeah, probably not. But I bet you are like me in wanting to see a first look at Erin Heatherton on the set of Grown Ups 2, dressed as a cheerleader, and providing a healthy dose of cheerleader car wash fantasy goodness.

Now, I’m not sure if Erin Heatherton is still fake-dating Leo DiCaprio or not, but I do know that this Hebrew School hottie has me doing three cheers in my… well, just take a look for yourself and see if you don’t want to go back to a made-up high school filled with hot blonde soapy cheerleaders. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Sexy Bra Top Pictures Steal Our Attention

Emma Watson is out Los Angeles way filming Bling Ring, the quick to jump on a topic story pic about the young gossip-girlish burglars who ripped off a number of famous celebrity homes a couple or three years ago in Hollywood. At the time of the robberies, it seemed like some kind of real Robin Hoody story, then it turned out the burglars were just a bunch of emo-suburban-douches grown up in a world of Gymboree play dates and MTV Real World watching, so it became hard to root for anybody.

Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to root for the first showing of Emma Watson skin in far too long of a time. The Britty thespianic has been filming in a little bra top and short shorts the past couple of days along the beach in Venice, flashing her bare midriff and upper butt and her sexy little Hermione-body. I guess you could say she’s stolen something from us too. Our ability to stand up now without embarrassment. Stop, thief! Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee and Her Wicked Hot Body Gets Its First Movie Gig on ‘Pain and Gain’

If you build it, they will come.

Well, BBW turned Super MILF, Jennifer Nicole Lee, built herself one of the hottest, hardest, most righteous bodies in all of Hottieville, and Michael Bay did come calling apparently, for a role for Jennifer Nicole Lee in his latest, Pain and Gain, starring Mark Wahlberg and The Rock as a couple of bodybuilders in way over their heads on a crime caper. 

Now, with Michael Bay, hard to know for sure if this is a movie role or just a trailer visit, but given that JNL is a married mom, we’ll go 80-20 on the legit movie role guess, as she was caught yesterday on the set of the film in an apparent wardrobe change (though nothing spectacularly revealing, sadly). But what is spectacular is the JNL body, upon which we would so like to explore further. Perhaps on camera. Like Michael Bay. Lucky bastard. Enjoy.