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Kate Upton Bikini Right Alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Bikinis Filming ‘The Other Woman’

Well, what do we have here. Three ladies who I would not throw out of my bed for eating crackers, or stabbing me in the eye for that matter. Of course, I will admit to putting a premium on Kate Upton rolling in the hay, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at veteran hottie Cameron Diaz or Leslie Mann for that matter.

The three relatively blonde ladies were bikini to bikini, in the Bahamas filming The Other Woman. That movie seems to have many many scenes, or maybe they’re just making stuff up as they go along as an excuse to get these ladies into their bikinis. We’ve already seen Kate Upton almost fall out of hers (oh, damn you almost!). Either way, I’ve already committed to spending my money to see this film. It could be horrible, but this production process deserves a ten-spot. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Bikini Pictures White Hot Boobtastic Reveals on Set of ‘The Other Woman’

You know I’ve already penciled in a theater-going date for the release of The Other Woman, coming out sometimes in 2014. Well, now consider that date set in pen. I know little about this film other than Cameron Diaz has bares her long legs, and now triple visually confirmed, Kate Upton flashes tons of her fleshy love rounds in various scenes in this film. Of course, some of these scenes could end up on the cutting room floor, in which case, I intend to sue filmmakers on the grounds of being idiots.

Last week we saw Kate Upton falling out of her top in a scene with Leslie Mann. Now, our hotly belusted 21-year old blonde bombshell as she ought to be, barely fitting into a white bikini on the beach. Just acres and acres of Upton to gaze upon and induce tingly feelings. Say what you will about Citizen Kane being the greatest film ever, it never had Kate Upton in an undersized bikini. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Getting Cleavy With It on Set of ‘TMNT’

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Megan Fox finally in her April O’Neil wardrobe on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which by sheer force of Foxiness, I’m going to be compelled to watch, so I hope it’s not too horrible.

This is really one of the first times we’ve seen the new MILFed out version of Megan in some form fitting, cleavy outfits and, well, I suspect we’re on the verge of something truly wonderful here. Megan Fox has also been a Top 10er in our books, she hit the skids a bit with her marriage to Brian Austin Green Self-Employed (B.A.G.S.) and her addiction to oversized grubby clothing and big covering hats, but, when Megan Fox turns it on, she can still hit the high notes with the greatest of ease. Enjoy.

Emma Rigby Blue Bikini Pictures from the Set of ‘Plastic’

The Brits have invaded Miami the past couple of weeks, filming the heist movie, Plastic, and, well, we couldn’t be happier because they’ve brought a few hot women along, including thespianic Emma Rigby who we saw yesterday in a red bikini, and today in blue, on the set of the film.

Now, we pretty much clearly outlined our lust of all things bosomy, young, and soap opera starring from the U.K. yesterday, but seeing Emma today in blue, well, another tribute might just be in order. While the British birds don’t exactly tan in the sun, they still shine, and with a body like Emma’s, we’re checking out that shine up and down and all-around. Just plain old wicked hot. Enjoy.

Well, Hello Elizabeth Banks in a Skin Tight Yellow Dress

We do have quite the fondness and especially naughty male affection for the all grown up and super hot Elizabeth Banks, on set of the upcoming film, Walk of Shame, and reminding us that a walk away from her house in the morning would be anything but.

Something about the skin tight yellow dress on a veteran hottie that reminds us how much we super dig the ladies with a little maturity to combine with their killer tight worked out bodies, the alluring MILFs of our PTA dreams, who punish with one hand, and reward with the other. Now, I may just be dreaming, but after checking out Elizabeth in that dress, how can you not? Enjoy.

Chloe Moretz Is a Bloody Prom Date in the Remake of ‘Carrie’

Chloe Moretz prepped on set for the infamous ‘bloody Prom’ scene in the remake of the Stephen King horror classic, Carrie. In the original Sissy Spacek played the crazy-ass high school chick with telekinetic powers who got revenge on her classmate bullies by mutilating and burning the crap out of them all. Chloe is just 15 (compared to Sissy who was 27 when she played the Frosh/Soph with a serious chip on her shoulder, but Chloe looked all grown up and ready for the pig’s blood dumping on her prom dress. An epic film moment.

Chloe Moretz is all the rage in Hollywood now, signed on to a half-dozen or more films the next couple of years. We’ve always known she’d break big, just never this young and fast. But this is Tinsel Town, and we will be watching Chloe closely, I mean, as close as we can without violating the inevitable restraining order. Enjoy.

Mary-Louise Parker Deep Chestal Views on Set of ‘Feed the Dog’

Still not sure what Feed the Dog is all about, but I can assure you, we are quite certain of our continuing fascination with Mary-Louise Parker. A sweet looking veteran actress not too scared to get nekkid on a show about weed? Yeah, that love affair is a no brainer for us.

On the set of her current film, Mary-Louise seems to be dressed as some kind of hooker bull-fighter chick with a neckline so plunging, it’s raising our bottomline as we speak. Mary-Louise Parker can do no wrong in our eyes, but she can do so much so very right. We’d love her to be our mom, especially when we get tummy-aches in the middle of the night and need a tender touch in our middling areas. Enjoy.