Indiana Evans Bikini Pictures So Hot They’re Making Maui the Big Island

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bill-swift - April 7, 2012

Our young thespianic celeb lust d'jour, Indiana Evans, finally hit full bikini mode on the set of the remake of The Blue Lagoon in Maui yesterday, providing us our first full take on her bikini body -- and it is as expected, glorious. Yes, it's a Lifetime Channel-safe bikini, made for female viewers, but, trust me, I'm viewing too.

The extent to which we would like to be truly stranded on a desert island with this sweet blonde Aussie can not be measured in depth of passion, or even how many babies we would make with her during our castaway years, it's more a sense of an entire body pulled by sextastic gravity toward a fantasy of being stranded with Indiana and her fully-ripe coconuts. It's going to take more than a three hour tour to satisfy those kinds of needs. Enjoy.