Cleavage Posts:

Miranda Kerr Is Sexy As Hell In The Edit Magazine

Aussie model and professional hot person Miranda Kerr is a vision of boobtacular glory in this shoot for The Edit Magazine. It's a biker themed spread so it involves her looking sexy in a variety of leather outfits while straddling motorcycles. Is there anything hotter than a beautiful girl, leather in warm weather, and a high-horsepower bike? Possibly, but I'm at a loss right now to think of what it could be. The cleavage, my friends. It's nothing short of mind boggling. Miranda Kerr has some of the best ta-tas in the business and it is my job to know these things. If I could drive a motorcycle like the guy in Grease 2 I would give her the ride of her life. Yes, I made a reference to Grease 2. Michelle Pfeiffer was seriously hot in that movie.

The only problem I see with Miranda riding around with her boobies hanging out is that they would cause wind drag and make it hard to get up to top speed. I guess that's not the point, is it?

Kim Kardashian Is Cleavtacular In New York City

Newlywed Kim Kardashian flashed some serious cleav in a revealing top in New York City. And I mean revealing. The thing is split almost to her navel allowing a full view of the sides of those famous funbags. The seam is just to the side of her nips. I respect Kim for having the guts to walk around New York with her lovelies hanging out. She is comfortable in her own skin and doesn't mind showing off some of that skin. Or a lot of it. That Kanye West is one lucky dude. Not only is he a gajillionare, he gets to come back to those lovely lady mounds every night. Some guys get all the breaks.

I don't know how I didn't see this cleavage from my apartment in Brooklyn. If I can see the Empire State Building from my street I should have been able to spot Kim's cleavage in Manhattan, right?

Petra Nemcova Crazy Sweaty Hot and Boobtastic Teasing in GQ

Petra Nemcova isn't a bad looking lady. I'd probably let her date me if she asked nicely, and wore that sweaty revealing workout wardrobe she's donning in GQ Portugal this month. How damn and dripping wet is that body on the Czech supermodel hottie, showing off all kinds of allure and potential for deep dark prurient thoughts.

Sometimes I see such beauty and I want to smile. Sometimes, it's so profound, I want to cry. But in all cases I begin penning my letters to the lovely lady at the center of the sextastic storm and remind her that charity begins at home. And I sure would like to visit her home for a little charity. Petra, I could be your ultimate act of benevolence. I just need like ten minutes and you in that Flashdance outfit all shiny. The angels will sing. Enjoy.

Jessica Simpson, A Little Hammered, A Whole Lotta Cleavetastic Hot

The once and former Jessica Simpson is back again, mommy hot and back in streamline condition thanks to her Weight Watchers commitment. So why not strap on a booby-revealing dress and hit the town for a couple neat and chasers until you love everyone around you. Now that really is the old Jessica Simpson.

Back in the day Jessica was the girl so many young men looked up to to help them become men. She may not have even known it was going on so prevalently, though I suspect she did. C'mon, it wasn't the amazing singing talents that made Jessica the apple of our eyes. It was her apples themselves. And she sure looked great polishing them up and putting them back out on display for an evening party run. Welcome back, Jessica. We have so missed you. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Cleavy In A Low Cut Black Dress In LA

Newly single British singer Rita Ora was all kinds of cleavtacular on an evening out in LA last night. She was sporting a low cut black dress that showed off her lovely ta-tas to one and all. Rita has a pretty outstanding pair of chest puppies and I should know, it's my job. I don't know what Calvin Harris was thinking when he let her go. I'm pretty sure I can overlook just about any problem if I had those jugs to look at every night. But that's just me. I'm willing to put in some extra effort in a relationship, especially if there are a spectacular set of boobies involved. The dress also showed off her amazing legs. Again, how could you let that go? If you had the chance to have those legs wrapped around you every night, Calvin, what could possibly possess you to break up with her?

Unless, of course, Rita broke up with Calvin, in which case, my condolences, dude. It's kind of hard to come back from that. Then again, he's rich and good looking so he'll be OK. The rich and good looking always are.

Demi Lovato And Her Cleavage Attend The Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards

Singer Demi Lovato was all boobs and legs at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards in New York City. Demi wore a short yellow dress with a PLUNGING neckline. There was all kinds of cleav action going on in the front of this dress. I have never heard of these awards, but she should win one for being fun and fearless enough to show off this much of her lovely knockers. The short skirt also gave us a spectacular view of her legs. The skirt barely went passed her naughty bits. I freely admit that I have sung along to some Demi Lovato songs in my car. I'm not ashamed. The girl has talent as well as being a bonafide hottie. Demi is one of very few modern girl singers that actually has some chops.

I wonder what makes a "Fun Fearless Latina"? Most of my Latina relatives are either fun or fearless but rarely both. Mostly they just like to gossip and watch telenovelas.

Carmen Electra Cleavy Performance At The Elevate Concert

Boobtacular legend Carmen Electra was in full titacular force at the Elevate Concert series in LA. She performed in an outfit that is so scandalous it almost makes me feel faint. It's like a zippered bustier rubber thing with fishnet stockings. Whatever it's called the costume showed off those amazing ta-tas. There was cleavage to end all cleavage. Like, you look at how much lovely skin is exposed and it sort of ruins you for all other cleavage experiences. I've been a fan of ogling Carmen's funbags since I was a young man and she was on Baywatch. You also get to look at her long lovely legs in a pair of skin-tight fishnets. I'm not really sure who invented fishnets and for what practical purpose, but they were a friggin' genius.

I didn't know Carmen Electra could sing. I wonder if she's any good? I'd gladly listen to her sing the alphabet song as long as she's dressed like this.