Draya Michele Low Cut Dress Front Back and Every Which Sextastic Way

Everything I’ve always known about Draya Michele is that she’s a Basketball Wife who was never a basketball wife, but she’s ever since been well on her way into finding a professional athlete mate. Also, she certainly knows how to wear a dress. Sometimes I’ll leave the house in my own favorite Budweiser t-shirt and I feel pretty confident I’m looking sharp. But I bet Draya Michele has slightly more confidence leaving the house in this low cut all over blue dress knowing everybody and their Sapphic leaning mother is going to be ogling her up and down the whole night through. That’s some kind of power you can’t find anywhere else in this world.

Draya hit the high end restaurant row in Beverly Hills where the paparazzi are just certain to catch you in your shimmering blue bit of sextastic enticement. She tried not to smile too broadly, but she knew she has just won an award that doesn’t come with a trophy or an acrylic obelisk. No, something far more important. My fashion approval. A-plus, my dear. Next time, let’s lose the dress. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj Wicked Hot at the 2015 Grammy Awards

I’m not sure if popular music left me or I left popular music, it’s probably the latter, but major music award shows make me feel like I’m in middle school again making fun of some kid who’s listening to horrid music then I later learn he’s made out with the hottest girl in school and then I just feel confused. Damn those precocious boys who figured it all out so early. The Grammy Awards are primarily about the music beloved by young girls so it’s okay that it just seems like an awkward ballet to the rest of us. However, being the Grammy Awards, you know the best and the most boobtastic in the land of music and publicist driven celebrity were going to attend in full force looking fully decked out and faptastic. Indeed.

Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, and gaggles of other divas and famous ladies with impressive chests and slender dresses made their way onto the Grammy Red Carpet. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a lineup of music artists students will be studying a hundred years from now, but I’m quite certain they’ll still be digging their pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty/FameFlynet

Jessica Alba Flashes Cleavage in the Park

Jessica Alba was looking delectable in a white t-shirt with a plunging neckline while on a trip to the park. This meant that whenever she would bend over she gave the world a nice view of her truly spectacular cleavage. I’ve been a big fan of Jess’ ta-tas for years. I remember how great they looked in a skintight suit in that not so great Fantastic Four movie. They are just the right size, not too small to handle but not the kind of massive melons that might give a man carpal tunnel syndrome if they try and feel them up. Plus, I like her smile. She’s got some seriously shiny teeth. I’d give her something to smile about for about three minutes. Dude, she’s hot what do you want from me?

Jessica should bend over more often. I guarantee that her already successful career would be even better if she was constantly flashing cleav.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Charlotte McKinney Is Super Busty In White for Manhattan Shindig

Charlotte McKinney is all the rage these days since her Carl’s Jr. flashing almost boobtastic commercial during the Super Bowl. Many of her fans have been following her fine full funbags since before then, but that certainly opened up her appeal to a vast audience of gentleman oglers. And quite deservedly so.

Now Charlotte is the toast of the sextastic ta-ta town, invited to the John Freida launch event in NYC where naturally, the visual conversation of her buxom goodness was the hot topic. I’d think she has something of a reputation to live up to now. If Charlotte shows up to your event in a bulky sweatshirt, that probably means she doesn’t like you very much. Sad to say. Keep those funbags flying, Charlotte. You’re going to be super famous. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Charli XCX, Emily Ratajkowski, Victoria Justice And Jordin Sparks Headline the Hotness at Delta’s Pre-Grammy’s Party

When you hear the name Delta Airlines, your mind immediately jumps to great music. You have to do something when stuck on the tarmac for six hours in every Southern airport ever. To their credit, the airline did host a pre-Grammy party and invite some quite lovely and talented ladies like Charli XCX, Emily Ratajkowski, Victoria Justice, and Jordin Sparks to hit their carpet, have a few tiny cocktails and some peanuts, and be on their way.

In the midst of all the film award events, the Grammy’s often get lost each February. Which is a shame. Not because Steely Dan needs more awards, but because the pop divas get truly decked out for the big night in music. It’s a showcase of the skintastic year in and year out. If Charli XCX and Emily Ratajkowski chesty goodness are just the appetizer, I’m so ready for the main course. Cue the music, bring on the exhibitionist hotties! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Alesha Dixon Cleavage And Amanda Holden Braless Pokies Walk The Red Carpet For Britains Got Talent

If you thought only America had bad prime time reality shows and contests, think again, we stole most of them from England. It’s only because the creatives in Hollywood are desperate to prove they are really circling the toilet of fresh ideas. Give the metaphor a minute, it’ll sink in.

Britain’s Got Talent features a whole slough of contestants who will show off their natural born oddities and gifts for next to nothing, making it a less expensive alternative to scripted programming like those awesome shows we all admire. But, as with most reality craptastic, they do heavily employ some of the finer good in the neighborhood, in this case the decked out talents of Alesha Dixon all kinds of cleavy on the red carpet for the show premiere, along with Amanda Holden in a super tight headlight revealing top. I don’t need to see jugglers or singers or flaming hoop divers, I can tell you just by looking at these two lovely chesty lasses, indeed, Britain’s got talent. Do you see now how much better my show idea is? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Paris Hilton’s Cleavetastic Funbags Through the Years

A lot has been made recently about Billionaire Barbie perhaps getting some 90210 work done on her chestal region. Paris has always been known for having a rather moderate sized chest though always coming through by hook or crook or special bra with some ample amounts of cleavage. Some of her more recent social media pictures might lead one to believe she’s taken it upon herself to inflate her bosom for more titillating attention. But has she?

In the name of funbag science, we’ve put together a gallery of some of Billionaire Barbie’s more cleavy appearances in the past several years for you to judge for yourself. Or, in the least, have much fun researching. These are indeed the important issues of our time. Let us ogle them thusly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Egotastic Archives