Cleavage Posts:

Carmen Electra Big Ups in Germany

Wow, when Carmen Electra wants to get noticed, she goes right to her A-game bag of tricks. Or bags of tricks as one who was terrible at puns might say.

Pimping something or other in Germany, Carmen decided to put both her veteran hotness and her somewhere newer racktastic on big girl display for the good people of Deutschland. Whatever it was she was selling, I'm quite sure she sold out and then some. I'm still tingling from meeting Carmen in my office over a month ago. I'd go to a doctor to seek help, but I'm too embarrassed to tell him where I'm feeling it most. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her Killer Kongs for Date Night in Hollywood

Courtney Stodden is nineteen and single, or about to be, and she's wasting little time getting back out there into the hot L.A. singles market with her sense of demure style and low-key wardrobe. Or, perhaps the opposite.

I mostly feel bad for Courtney's date, who has to sit through dinner pretending not to stare at her ginormous hooters. We've all been there before, perhaps to a lesser circumference degree, but all the same, it can get awkward trying not to gaze awkwardly into such exposed expansive orbs. Gravity alone will draw the iris toward second base. Were I on a date with Courtney, I might employ my trick of referring to her biggish funbags as her sisters. For instance, 'And would your sisters like a drink as well? Wait, are they legal yet?. Then we'd have a good laugh while I imagined entering the Motorboat Hall of Fame after dessert. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Cleavage for Kimmel

Just coming back from France where she was denied her God-given right to be married at Versailles, Kim Kardashian is not letting her inner princess up so easily, flashing a good bit of where her fortune comes from on her way into the Jimmy Kimmel show. I've got to give up to Kim, not only for looking rather hot outside the studio, but for also being quite aware what it is her peeps want to see when they think of Kim. In that way, she's very honest. And there's no denying Kim has got her body back into the asstastic curvy shape that along with some personal film work, made her the multimillionaire she is today.

It's easy to hate on Kim, it's harder, it's harder to admit that if she was slapping her own booty and winking at you that you wouldn't drop everything you were holding and race on over. Don't worry, this can take some time. Enjoy.

Jenna Dewan Low Cut Lovelies Flashing at Ocean Drive Magazine Launch

January is the single busiest time in Hollywood for all the hottie to strut their stuff on various red carpets. Every brand and magazine is throwing major parties around Awards season. It's like July in Pamplona, but this is the running of the sextastic.

We feared Jenna Dewan (also known as Jenna Dewan-Tatum, but we're sticking to our three year rule on celebrity marriages) would lose her outstandingly tight lady body with the birth of her child. But, nope, it's right back where it started from, and even better. Jenna is back in full show off mode, flashing serious cleavage at the Ocean Drive magazine party in Miami. Looking good, mommy, very good. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian’s Sweet Chariots Swing Low in Paris

Amid rumors that she and her baby daddy are in France looking for a palace to marry in, Kim Kardashian couldn't help but pull some old Kimmy tricks out of the book with some deep cleavage in Paris that slung so low even a few Parisians had to stop judging other people for just a moment to take in the sight.

Kim's personal flair may run a bit continental, but her twin dangling peaks have always been her finest asset at home or abroad. So you best believe when Kim is playing princess for a day, err, years, she's going to let her French toasts dangle for her adoring public. You can't hope to stop Kim's ta-ta's, you can only hope to contain them. Though I'd ask her bra about that last part. Enjoy.

Jesse Jane Wins the AVN After Party Awards With Major Cleave

The adult entertainment industry (read as: porn) celebrated themselves this weekend in Las Vegas. And why not, their films are watched about 10 to a million times more often than Philomena or 12 Years a Slave or what have you. In terms of popularity, there's no contest. So, all the big names in adult film got together to slap each other on the back, and other body parts that make them moan loudly. It's always quite the event in Sin City. True sin finally.

While the award show was faptastic, the after-parties are where the lovely ladies of mature themed entertainment really let their assets fly, including Jesse Jane who stole the red carpet at the AVN after-party at Pure Nightclub. Finally, a true pimpstress pimping out a Vegas party. No bones about this girl's onscreen roles. Well, maybe a bone or two. People easily take the producers of our finest cinema for granted. But for one weekend a year, I think it's worthy to say thanks to the enablers of spank. Enjoy.

Kimberley Garner Flashing Some Deep Dive Cleavage in the London Winter

Despite the extra 'e' in her name I constantly misspell, I remain a big fan of British reality blonde darling Kimberley Garner who in the summer time has one of the finest bodies to show off in these here parts, and as you can tell, she's not letting winter time in London slow her down from showing off a little something something to her adoring drooling male fans.

Kimberley may as of yet not expressed or professed any particular talents or skills other than having one super fine booty in a bikini and the penchant for showing off her yummy yabbos at public events, but I ask you this -- what other talents would be more important than these? I don't need her to be my doctor, just the very naughty nurse of my dreams. Everybody has a role to play in this great drama that is life. Kimberley does hers quite well. Enjoy.