Kylie Jenner is Chasing Summer!

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Echo Lawrence - November 18, 2020

Kylie Jenner got some new blonde hair installed recently and I guess what they say is true because this blonde looks like she's having a lot more fun. Kylie is currently promoting her new collaboration with The Grinch and has put out a full line of beauty product goodies in time for Christmas.

The reality star has been dressing up in green fur to get in character and essential get ready to steal Christmas, but today she decided to get some sun while plugging both her new Grinch line and her Kylie Skin sunscreen. It takes a lot of work to sell out of all that shit but as the saying goes: You can't spell almost billionaire without BUSY, or maybe it's BUSSY, I think that's what you call an ass like that...

Here are Kylie's very groomed buns in the sun!

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