Cleavage Posts:

Shayna Taylor Leggy And Cleavy At Club 55 St. Tropez

The lovely Shayna Taylor was spotted with some major cleav at Club 55 in St. Tropez. The young model was wearing a jacket that pretty much exposed most of her boobies. The result is some seriously sexy cleavage action. Shayna has a fairly outstanding rack. They are large and perky and oh so satisfying. Shayna's barely there jacket also gives us a peek at her tightly toned bare-midriff. Is there anything sexier than a hot woman with a tight stomach? I say there is not. Shayna also has a pretty spectacular pair of legs. They are long and tanned and muscular. If rumors about her dating Ryan Seacrest are true, he is one lucky SOB. Shayna looks like she's down to party and she's young.

He's 39 and I imagine wants to go to bed early. This is the real problem with May/December romances. All you want to do in your late thirties is take a nap.


Jessica Simpson Big Mama Boobtastic Out for Pimping Her Scent

Jessica Simpson does not hold back when it comes to working the consumer side of her merchandise empire. No holds barred. Or funbags. The mom and recent wife and queen of all things licensed on the Target shelves has a new perfume out with some name that surely sounds powerful yet feminine, tough yet soft. Something like that. What is mostly definitely powerful yet feminine are Jessica's major league honkers on display in her advertisement for the on-sale scent. Holy big honkers. Those are some pimping hard giant sized peaches.

There's no point in questioning Jessica Simpson's business choices. She's proven herself to have a nose, and chest, for this type of work. If she believes flashing her mega cans is going to help her sell her fragrance, I am certainly not going to ask her to cover up. I wouldn't ask her that under any circumstance. Enjoy.

Rose McGowan Got a New Haircut and, More Importantly, a Low Cut Dress

I'm not one to comment on hairstyles. The  girls at Supercuts know me as El Big Tipper. But I do know wardrobe on a lady, so I will say I am particularly pleased with Rose McGowan and her veteran hot body choice of super low cut dress for an evening out at the Chateau Marmont.

Rose McGowan most definitely falls into my Forty and Fappable list of Hollywood mature lady wicked sextastic bodies and much of her chesty goodness was on display thanks to that little black dress in question. I couldn't think of a finer way to wardrobe the brunette actress if I was doing it myself. And, hopefully, someday, I will get that chance. I could adjust those mams like nobody's business. I always warm my hands prior to an adjustment so there's less of a shock and more of a happy tingle. On my part at least. Two thumbs up to your racktastic, Rose. Keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Emily Osment Shows Off Her Bodacious Boobtastic for Crackle

Crackle is the new Sony online content channel, which is such important news as the fact they made a series featuring the vastly underrated and bodaciously chested Emily Osment, who modestly, but most certainly, brought her happy big fellas out to play on the red carpet for her show premiere.

Emily became famous as Miley's sidekick on Hannah Montana, and then on to a bunch more TV gigs and cable movies and Lifetime stuff and other junk you'd have little occasion to see. At just twenty-two, with that resume, those looks, and one fine curvy body, the future is rather bright for Emily Osment. I mean, even brighter than me standing behind the press line at the red carpet begging her to flash us her funbags. That is a highlight for sure, though I'm not sure Emily would necessarily agree. I do bet they are fantastic! Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Shows Cleavage At A Justin Timberlake Show

Boobtacular Colombiana Sofia Vergara showed off some major cleav at a Justin Timberlake show in LA. She was there with her werewolf boyfriend Joe Manganiello. I'm going to make a bold statement that maybe you will disagree with but I'm going to say it anyway: Sofia Vergara has the best funbags in Hollywood. I mean, who else even compares to her? Her girls are both massive and perky. Do you know how hard that is to pull off, especially for a woman in her forties? It downright defies the laws of physics. As is her habit she was also wearing a pair of super tight jeans that showed off her shapely Latin booty.

What I love about Sofia is that she is well aware that a lot of her fame has to do with her body and she's OK with that. That's why she always dresses provocatively. The fact that she's genuinely funny is only a plus.  ¡Gracias!

Scarlett Johansson Cleavetastic in Vanity Fair Extra

I believe the original Scarlett Johansson shoot was for Vanity Fair in May. But, as with all good things coming to those who wait, some additional photos from the same shoot have cleavy-leaked their way out, including some of Scarlett's infamously famous bodacious boobtastic that makes me wonder just how even more monumental future mommy can get as she passes through her various gestational phases. I'd like to see some nekkid pregnancy photos for a more thorough examination. I just sent her my email request for such. I can't wait for her response.

Scarlett, I have a feeling MILFhood is only going to make you look even finer. I shall put aside my concerns and dwell in your ample bosom warmly and snugly until just such a time. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Massive Booty Distracts Even New York’s Finest

Hey, you've got to look, right? There's no such thing as on-duty when an arse the size of Kim Kardashian walks past. To protect and serve and to ogle. Kim's mighty dumper, let alone her cleavy front side, seemed to capture the attention of at least one New York City cop who I'm quite sure is going to receive some good spirited ribbing from his fellow officers this morning. But who can blame a man for merely following the laws of gravitational forces. You have no choice but to crank the eyeballs toward such a ridiculously round foreign object.

Kim Kardashian is many things, not all of them super fine and pleasant, but she is most of all, an attraction. Nobody passes a roller coaster without checking it out. Kim is the human roller coaster with curves you never thought imaginable. Enjoy.