Rose And Rosie Sextastic Hotties at London in L.A. Event

Anytime there’s a celebration called London in L.A. my mind immediately races to British hotties in the area who might be attending. To be fair, Rose Byrne is an Aussie, but she and Britty hot hot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley certainly stole the show last night at the hands across the Atlantic event.

Rose Byrne opted for classy but see-through that allowed us a more intimate peek at her intimates, albeit entirely on purpose. While Rosie went for cleavetastic super model goodness. I could have been happy as either for my date to the shindig, you know, had I been invited and this been the first chilly day in Hades in some time. Rather, my lot is to stare and drool at girls with swell accents and even sweller bodies, all of us swelling respectfully to our own devices. Keep it classy, Billy. I need to repeat that to myself more often. Enjoy.

Photo CreditL INF/Splash

Bella Thorne And Hailey Baldwin Two Peas in a Young Hottie Model Pod

Oh, happy silly Manhattan spring photo shoots. How you life my spirits. As winter recedes in the Big Apple, the young ladies in their dresses come out pimping for the cameras to remind all the New Yorkers it’s time to ditch the parkas and purchase into some pricey colorful dresses. Why not pull out all stops with the youthful Bella Thorne and Hailey Baldwin teen modeling up a storm for some silly girls clothing line visual pitch.

Both these girls are in high demand these days, most notably Bella who is cast in about thirty-seven movies at the moment, which I have to presume is more fun than high school because there’s far less typing involved. As fun as it is to see these two vixens working the modeling world independently, teaming them up makes me to put on a big goofy smile as well and declare my love of fashion and the hotties who pimp it. Spring has sprung, among other things. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson And The Other Fine Ladies Of “Pretty Little Liars” Step Out In NYC

Pretty Little Liars really is quite the underrated show, at least in the category that most counts. Crazy ridiculously hot female thespianics. The bulk of them including Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Trojan Bellisario and Emma Ishta made their way out, decked out and showing off chesty goodness in Manhattan, perhaps shooting some kind of formal wear scene. I probably won’t watch to be honest. I’m more of the peeping tom on the street kind of viewer. And these views were spectacular.

It’s pretty darn amazing if you think about the full roster of hotties on television these days. So many shows, so many fine women, so little time to properly dream of them all. But I remain dedicated to servicing them all during my nightly REM sleep, supplemented by some day time fantastical moments. Shay Mitchell, I mean, come on, if she’s not inspiring the creative part of your brain in the R to X-rated virtual dreamscape, you really need to start taking a multivitamin or something. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Courtney Stodden And Farrah Abraham Big Boobtastic Showdown At Star Magazine Event

Hey, it’s a Star Magazine event. If you’re looking for high class, well, try down the block at The Economist party. You might notice the bust lines a little less busty that were breaking out at the Star Magazine gig which included Courtney Stodden and Farrah Abraham proudly sticking out their chests, shoulders back, in a fine funbag showdown. I hope you didn’t show up expecting them to debate politics.

Say what you will about the reality stars and/or adult film stars showing up to your event. They will come ready for show. And Courtney and Farrah definitely have developed the fuller window displays. It’s not a contest, but it totally is. Both are winners in my book, you know, in this relatively narrow playing field. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Beyonce Cleavage Will Travel

Beyonce is back one-hundred percent in the game of exhibition, which is where she belongs, because this MILLF has a fifteen year track record now of one of the curviest, most bodacious bodies in pop music. She may not always lead the way in terms of in your face show-off raunch skills, but she has always been head of the class in swell hourglass curves that her peers find hard to match, certainly without artificial enhancements to the tops and bottoms.

Beyonce’s latest and greatest bit of look at me now involves her cleavetastic vacation photos. She’s somewhere tropical and sharing leers of her sweet chesty melons because, dammit, that’s just what nice girls do. Not necessarily good girls, but nice girls. There is a difference, though I suppose both ultimately deserve sainthood. Keep up the good work, Beyonce. You’re gifts are intense, share them all with the world and you can be my hero. That’s a something. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beyonce

Kim Kardashian Boobtastic Continues to Dominate the Parisian Skyline

Once more I will emphatically state, if you’ve got them, flaunt them. There’s no reason to spend a magnificent amount of money on fine full funbags if you’re not going to let the world in on the efforts. It’s like redecorating your home and letting nobody over. I think. I’m still on the original IKEA. Kim Kardashian knows exactly what she was built for — show — and Paris is ground zero of fashionable lady show-offery.

Kim took to the City of Light evening premiere night in a low cut dress certain to capture 99% of the photographic resources in the area. She might be able to don that look like, oh, what, me? Are you taking my picture? But why? But about an inch deeper she’s calculating her success on the red carpet. Indeed, have boobs will travel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Claudia Romani Celebrates Her Birthday In A Thong

Italian hottie Claudia Romani is one of our favorites here at Egotastic and it’s easy to see why. She celebrated her birthday the way she celebrates every day: by being scantily clad. She wore a tiny white thong bikini that showed off her goodies. Her boobage is the first thing we notice because, you know, you can see it from space. Her melones are molto delicioso. I think I just mixed Spanish with Italian but that’s how excited this woman makes me. Then she turns around and bends over and mama mia, what a thumper! One of the many things I like about Claudia is how curvy she is. She’s definitely got a nice round butt and what my grandmother would call “baby making hips” but she’s still thin.

Claudia may be the perfect woman, no joke. I would put her body in a Pepsi challenge and she’d win against pretty much everyone.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI