Charli XCX Bikini Top Short Skirt Combo For Prurient Pop Music Perfection

Charli XCX wears some of my very favorite stage costumery in teasy pop music today. She really has nailed all the various outfits to attract the attention of a demographic that may not particularly be suited to her music. Sometimes she’s the cheerleader or the naughty schoolgirl or the wayward lady of the evening, or this particular get up she wore while performing in London. Let’s just label it heaven for Uncle Bill. A bikini top and a short skirt to match with her flirty show performance. Not quite as raunchy as Miley, not quite as coquettish as Ariana. This is sort of the sweet spot.

The boon in visual wonderments from contemporary pop music certainly can’t be overestimated. It’s been huge. And when you realize millions of idolizing young women are imitating their heroes, well, I believe this is called the domino of awesomeness effect. Keep up the good work Charli. I’ll be watching, from the front row, kind of peering up but pretending not to. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Jennifer Aniston, Ariel Winter And Sofia Vergara Highlight the Boobtastic at The SAG Award 2015

Here’s my quick read on the SAG Awards last night. Jennifer Aniston looked damn amazing, Sofia Vergara looked ever epically sultry and veteran hot, and Ariel Winter might’ve stolen the show if we were allowed to talk about her teen titan curves to any prurient extent. But we can’t, so, just ignore those for now if you’re able. Blasphemer.

There were several other sextastic celebrities geared up for perhaps the biggest night of the year for actors to compliment other actors and pretend their astronauts or firefighters or grave diggers or other important professionals. Still, even when standing in a circle slapping each other on the back, there’s no doubt this is the good looking set and when decking out for the occasion, there’s really nothing else like Hollywood Award season for a promenading of the hottest ladies in the world. Enjoy.

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Salma Hayek Busty Lingerie Bad Ass in ‘Everly’

Did you know Salma Hayek had a movie just come out direct to the web where she’s in her apartment battling gangsters trying to kill her? It’s called Everly and from what I can tell, Salma spends most of the movie in her underwear holding guns. Yes, I know that’s awesome.

This looks like an overseas production being sort of sneaked into distribution in the U.S., which is a shame, because only half the world wants to see Salma in her bra and lingerie fighting villains. Or just, you know, taking a bath and rubbing lotions into her amazing funbags. That’d be a good movie too. I have ideas you know. Oh so many of them center around Salma in her undies. Dios mio. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Everly

Lea Michele Is Chesty As She Arrives To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Glee star Lea Michele arrived for her guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking chesty as F in a white tank top. Lea has a really nice pair that I’ve been a fan of for many years, ever since I saw them out live and in person on the Broadway stage. Since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the countless bikini pics and her many displays of cleav. She knows what her audience wants and it’s to see her chest puppies in all their glory. And I guess to hear her sing too. I bet she belts out some serious noise during sexy time in the bedroom. She’s got a set of pipes on her, after all. Why not use them?

I wonder what she’s going to do now that Glee is finishing? Probably go back to being partially nude on Broadway. Good thing I get discount tickets.

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Gwyneth Paltrow And Olivia Munn Look Busty At “Mortdecai” Premiere

Olivia Munn and Gwyneth Paltrow were both on hand at the premiere of the new Johnny Depp movie Mortdecai and they brought their boobage with them. Olivia was wearing a see-through black dress that showed off all the cleav. Olivia has got a nice bouncy pair that always make my day. She is so hot, y’all. I remember first spotting her on The Daily Show and thinking that there was a girl with some talent. And boobs, lots of boobs. Not to be outdone, Ms. Paltrow wore a blue dress with open vents on the side and, whoopsie, she forgot to wear a bra. The result is a nice view of her pert perkies’ sideboob. I’ve been a fan of those ta-tas ever since I saw them in Shakespeare in Love back in the day. Yeah, I saw Shakespeare in Love. A man has to take his girl to see the occasional chick flick, doesn’t he?

But what I do know is if they are in this Mortdecai movie I’m going to definitely check that out even though Johnny Depp kinda gets on my last nerve.

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Kendra Wilkinson Workout Cleavage Looking Strong, Super Strong Indeed

I’ll say this for Kendra Wilkinson, despite all the off-field troubles and whatever might be the truth, half-truth, or scripted untruths around her reality show life, this former Playboy mansion starlet is looking super MILFtastic.

Now the mom of two and the queen of some mini empire of books and shows and I’m sure tchotchke nirvana, Kendra is fit and shapeless and curvy and cleavy and all the things we look for in a still relatively young mom. Scandal and fame seems to suit her. As does low cut workout tops and form fitting clothes. She’s a petite hottie since the beginning, really the beginning as we first saw her really on her 18th birthday. Keep up the workouts, Kendra. They’re working well for us both. Enjoy.

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Lia Marie Johnson Barely Legal Models Grown Up Boobtastic Stylings

One young lady you’ll be seeing more of, much more I suspect, in 2015 is Lia Marie Johnson. Internet, YouTube, social media, and occasional TV starlet who can turn the world on with her Cindy Crawford-esque cheek mole smile. Not to mention a rack worthy of a Tinsel Town ingenue, something I can state now more directly that she’s barely legal and making her way in the big bad world with big good modeling shoots like this Bryan Eslava entry point for grown up show off just a bit.

Unless you’re a Kardashian, things don’t just go boom at eighteen suddenly. Give it time, good denizen of Egotastic! All will be revealed. I sure hope all will be revealed, at least most all. This one’s got so much potential. Sextastic elves, do you thing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bryant Eslava/Instagram