Cleavage Posts:

Nicola McLean Cleavetastic Trapeze Feats of Daring for the Pussycat Circus

What awesome madness is this? A circus comprised of super hot girls with big ta-ta's doing tricks beneath the even bigger top? I've yet to see a single live act from the Pussycat Circus, but pencil me in for season tickets through the next century please.

Nicol McLean was rehearsing her trapeze routine in a cleavetastic bit of Spandex, showing off her massively happy mams for the sake of the circus. You don't hold anything back when you're circus folk. You leave it all out in the three rings. Let's hope Nicola doesn't leave us hanging. Get it, because.... yeah. Just ogle and eat some circus peanuts and make yourself happy. Enjoy.

Belen Rodriguez Cleavage is Bella Bella in Milan

We haven't seen South American to Italy TV hostess transplant Belen Rodriguez for a while now. One of the finest looking imports in the Boot is always somewhere on TV over there, or in the gossip pages because of racy vacation photos or personal affairs of the heart. And she deserves all the attention she gets. Mostly the good attention for her super fine looks and her willingness to show plenty of skin even in more formal occasions.

At a photocall in Milan, Belen followed the old adage, that if you got it, flaunt it, as she did with a rather low cut dress that revealed plenty of her chestal fineries. We've seen Belen's funbags in the past, so we know she's packing perfection in a slender frame. Belen, we need more of you darling to make our virtual lust cups runneth over. I think it might be time for another topless vacation. I'm buying. Enjoy.

Coco Is Selling Sex Toys

If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you're selling it, flaunt it just a bit harder. That might just be the motto of Coco as she lent nearly all of her boobtastic bounty to efforts to pimp her new line of signature sex products in Las Vegas. I'm not exactly sure why you would buy sex toys from her, but I guess you need to buy them from somebody if you want them, why not a woman who has curvaceous feminine spillage spilling out all over the place.

At some point, I'm going to introduce my own line of sex toys on the market as well. It'll mostly resemble a can of beer, a TV remote, and a La-Z-boy recliner with a magazine rack attachment and stimulating back massager built in. If that doesn't get you off, nothing else will. Men are simple. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Nearly Smothered By Her Own Awesome Bosom in London

I'm not suggesting Kate Upton ditch the supportive undergarments, though if she visited my home that would certainly be my first request. I'm just saying that with all that chestal real estate, she needs to be careful not to asphyxiate herself on the back-end of two enormous yams lifted up into her face by her own brassiere. That nearly happened last night in London where the blonde bombshell took the city by storm. Well, sextastic funbag storm, in a little black number that highlighted her full big white numbers quite nicely.

Though I really am a horrible sharer, I am glad to see that Kate's curvaceous appeals are now extending worldwide, as they ought. Some people will say they don't want the cliche buxom blonde to be representative of American beauty around the globe. I say, I'll bring this up with Kate as we lay together in the morning, still chaffed and weak from the splendor of the evening before. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Drops Serious Cleavage at London’s Serious Fashion Week

I guess there are so many fashion weeks now that they're running out of ideas. At the London fashion week they were celebrating the fashion of Italy, maybe some sort of fashion exchange program or for those who simply can't wait a week when I'm sure Fashion Week will be back in The Boot. Needless to say, like all horrible fashion related ventures, this one too has a silver lining. Or silver low cut bust line you might say as Rita Ora celebrated the fashions of Italy by showing off deep cleavage at the event.

Since my entire take on fashion is how much T&A it shows off, I have to say, I politely clap at Rita's haute couture. It certainly seems well put together judging by my careful scan of her chest. Yep, definitely going to be big this summer. Prints, stripes, and boobs all still in. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Deep Cleavage Provides the Boobtastic Oomph for Her Reality Show

Well, I think we've figured out Oprah's plan to get everybody to watch her Lindsay Lohan reality show. Lindsay funbags. Lindsay's ginger freckled puppies are on deep cleavage display in pretty much every episode aired to date. It seems like a pretty strong promotional angle to a show that otherwise depicts Lindsay in a clean and sober and perhaps less boring and more rigged state than the one who has held hold over the tabloids for the past decade.

Oprah's no dummy. She knows that a big part of what Lindsay brings to the table are Lindsay's big table setters, and even though the network and the show are heavily targeted toward a female audience, don't think she's not going to exploit the Lohan knockers like the rest of them. Oprah knows success. I hope Lindsay is paying close attention. Enjoy.

Giada De Laurentiis Cleavy Hotness at Fine Living Presentation in Milan

Giada De Laurentiis is simply one of those celebrity minxes that most everybody dreams of being their three day weekend playmate. I'm not sure exactly what it is about certain petite ladies of Celebrityville that catch on with a wide and lusty-hearted audience, but Giada and her omnipresent cleavage seem to draw an exceptional number of oohs and aahs. Is it her hottie little neighbor next door appeal? Her ability to ride you until you beg for mercy than make you the perfect omelet? Okay, that last one may be taking directly from a dream I had Monday evening.

Giada was in Milan, the home country, pimping the shizz out of one or more of her cooking and lifestyle products. As always, she was looking mighty cleavetastic and picture perfect right down to her sparkling smile placed perfectly above her bulging chest. Oh, man, I'm falling into a Giada lust spiral. Somebody get me my spatula. Enjoy.