Wait, What Birthday Is Salma Hayek Celebrating In Big-Boobed Instagram Pic?

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earl-jonas - September 3, 2019

Is Salma Hayek a pathological liar? This is the question on everyone's lips after the Mexican stunner posted an insanely sexy bikini pic (above) in celebration of her supposed 53rd birthday. 53?! No stinking way. Either Salma Hayek is a dirty rotten liar or she sold her soul to el diablo in exchange for eternal youth. Either way. She should be feared. Honestly this woman is aging like a fine ass wine and her boobs, if anything, only appear to be getting bigger over time. Stress ages people, and Salma's fun carefree attitude could have something to do with her aesthetic longevity. Also, the whole selling of her soul thing. Happy 53rd, Salma! We can't wait to see you in another 53 years.



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