Jourdan Dunn Cleavy And Prancing In Low Cut Dress

Vastly underrated Britty model hottie Jourdan Dunn was racing through the streets of London for some silly photoshoot in a low cut purple dress that caught my eye and my imagination. Those kinds of dresses simply were not meant to stay on a sleek and lithesome sextastic woman such as Jourdan. Though I suppose it had to for this particular family friends merchandising shoot.

Jourdan is a highly sought after model for those exotic looks and that desirably perfect body of hers that make everything she wears look perfect while most of us just imagine her without any on. While she’s featured mostly in the lady’s magazines, there still remains hope she’ll do a little something something for the men who don’t so much appreciate fashion as they do wickedly hot girls in low cut dresses running through the streets. It’s a thing. Let’s see more thing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Halston Sage Cleavy Hot Entrance For Kaleidoscope Ball

Halston Sage. Granted, that’s about as Hollywood a name as you may ever find, and not really this Hebrew School hotties real name, but, I look well beyond the superficial to the even hotter superficial of just how stellar Halston looked over the weekend at the Kaleidoscope Ball for UCLA hospital charities. As you know, I’m currently serving a four hundred year ban from all balls, galas, and Chuck E. Cheese due to unfounded rumors about not wearing proper attire and or public indecency. Truly a false if not entirely explicable misunderstanding. Still, I do so love the celebrity sextatic decked out in their finest for the most froufrou of events. Hence, long range lenses and my secret mustache disguises.

Halston is a veteran of the Nickelodeon teen starlet days and now at twenty-one just bursting onto the scene in more grown up TV fare. She’s also spectacularly good looking with a body built for both sharing and caring. I suspect we’ll be seeing much more of her in the magazines and photoshoots and thespianic work in the near future. She’s officially on my radar. Yes, I know Interpol, I was ordered to shut that radar down. Well, good luck finding me in my near North Pole lair. Oops. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet

Rumer Willis Plunging Red Hot For “Dancing With The Stars”

Rumer Willis was spotted in one of her costumes for Dancing With The Stars and it is muy caliente. The hot red dress has a neckline that plunges almost to her belly button. The resulting cleav is a spectacle of delights. Rumer, like her mother Demi Moore, has some pretty rocking funbags. I very much enjoy the fact that she likes to show them off a lot. That’s a trait I respect. The dress also has a long slit up the front which gives us a full view of one of her legs. She’s got some nice tone to her legs, which much like her cleavage, she is often showing off. There is also no back to the dress whatsoever so we can admire her back in its entirety. A women’s back is an often neglected but very sexy part of a woman’s anatomy and Rumer has a good one.

I may actually have to tune in to this show to watch her dance in skimpy outfits.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Reese Witherspoon Super Chesty For “Hot Pursuit” Premiere

America’s sweetheart and genuine sexy person Reese Witherspoon was looking particular boobtacular at the premiere of her new movie “Hot Pursuit”. I’m definitely seeing this movie. Not only is Reese in it, which is reason enough to go see a film, it also has boobtastic super star Sofia Vergara. Together the two make a match made in funbag heaven. And speaking of a nice set, Reese’s girls were looking mighty fine that night. I’ve been a fan of Reese’s boobage since back when she wore those tight little sweaters as a youngin’ in Election and Cruel Intentions. Those are both fine films in which she doesn’t get nearly enough cleav time…er…I mean screen time.

What I do know is that she is making a big comeback after having a couple of slow years. It’s good to see her chest puppies getting the screen time they deserve.


Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Maria Menounos Flexible Spandex Bends for Her Health and Ours

Grecian Goddess Maria Menounos has been hiding her perfectly hewn body of late, really since she left Extra and became a seriously celebrity news reporter, though I’m not sure what that title means. Not sure it exists. But Maria’s sextastic appeal and her sweet squeeze worthy hiney definitely do exist and they are back in the latest edition of Health magazine, a bit touched up, but showing off her workout Spandex goodies in fine female fashion.

Maria has certainly been one of our most alluring celebrity passion inducers here these past many years. She just seems to be getting finer and finer with age. Her body is certainly more divine than even before. We can only hope she doesn’t take her day job too seriously and once more returns to us in skin baring form. She’s one of the greats. It’s way too early to retire, Maria. Think of our mental health! No pressure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Claudia Romani Thong Shower vs Lisa Opie Booty Stretching , Miami Is Full Of Squeezable Gifts

Talk about life’s little pleasures coming in pairs, how about four cheeks of goodness on the beach in Miami, hotties competing for hot bodied attention and making us their happy victims.

First up, Claudia Romani, whose sweet cheeks I am set to marry one day, but for now becoming quite wet and happy beneath an outdoor shower in Miami. My, oh, my how the killer tush inspires, close up, far away, or right down the middle.

Teeing up right behind Claudia is the incredibly hot bodied pageant girl Lisa Opie stretching and working out her top, bottom, and every bit of goodness in betwixt in various forms of revealing Spandex, lest anybody think she’s hiding anything. Nope, all the sextastic parts are showing and they are faptastic.

Naturally, I could never choose between two asstastic sweetheart brunettes with a penchant for exhibition. I am far too weak to make sure inexorably tough decisions. I just sit happily on the park bench with my binoculars watching the birds. They do have some fine bottoms these days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Erin Heatherton Cleavetastic Braless and Simply Superfine

We haven’t seen nearly enough of Erin Heatherton lately. The blonde V.S. model has been on some kind of part to full time hiatus away from the limelight that has left me missing my freckled beauty. Slowly but surely Erin seems to be coming back to full-time exhibitionism gigs, modeling in this splendid cleavetastic braless shoot for The Coveteur magazine, highlighting her girl next door blonde babe qualifications.

Erin is perhaps a bit more grown up than the last time we saw so much of her, pre-DiCaprio girlfriend status. That could change a woman. Certainly not a girl any longer. She does seem to be exuding a bit of the mature hotness we perhaps didn’t see in her shoots just a couple or three years ago. Still the young girl from Skokie we first fell in lust with, but wise, and more racktastically alluring than before. I like where this is headed. I like it very much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg For The Coveteur Magazine