Dakota Johnson Braless Boobtastic at 50 Shades of Grey Afterparty

These are whirlwind times for Dakota Johnson. 50 Shades of Grey is about to make her a leading lady star, even if the bulk of the critical world leaves her with less than kind remarks. I think most people realize it’s the material. Though earnest attempts to make BDSM movies lie mostly now with antiquity, on the bottom racks of long since closed up Blockbuster racks.

Dakota Johnson is making the most of her 50 minutes of new found fame. Showing off her chestal goodies at a premiere afterparty in London. You know it’s a bit nippy this time of year in the London evening. So nippy went Dakota, showing off some serious skin because even at the Antarctic premiere of this kind of movie, you’d be expected to dangle some treats. She looked great. I wish her movie only does well. There’s far more shameful craptastic out there. If women want to delve into this prurient bit of pudding, let them have their moment. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Maitland Ward Chesty Goodness Wishes Egotastic! Readers a Happy Valentine’s

When Maitland Ward told me she had shot some Valentine’s photos just for us, well, I ran out and bought her flowers last minute as a thank you. Not so much bought as grabbed from my neighbor’s yard into a bouquet. You know, those online flower places are nuts expensive. I’m sentimental, but practical. While Maitland Ward and her desperately divine cleavage are more on the practical side. As in, practically killing me with their pillowy wonders.

Maitland coming out of her shell and showing off her soft ginger goodness was truly a revelation in 2014. This year ought to be even better. When she thinks of us personally, I get a special little twinge in my special little twinge area. It’s just nice to know somebody’s thinking of you on Valentine’s Day, especially somebody with the chest of a goddess. Hearts and kisses, Maitland. I’m not good at relationships, but I take abuse well. You’ll discover it’s very similar. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: DailyCeleb.Com

Charlotte McKinney Never Before Seen Lingerie Photos, Oh, Yes

Charlotte McKinney has suddenly become all the rage in bodaciously stacked hot blonde pinup models. Thanks to her Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad, everybody wants a piece of Charlotte. Technically, I want eleven pieces, the details of which shall appear in my memoirs in the addendum section. With her new found fame, photographers who shot Charlotte prior to her new found fame. And, oh, how some did shoot her.

In these never before published pictures of Charlotte McKinney, photographer Troy Huynh shows us how Charlotte was truly a bombshell in the waiting, just counting the moments until such time as she would explode in boobtastic hot splendor on the visual wonderment scene. That’s a whole lot of metaphor. Charlotte’s a whole of woman. Check out these photos and see if you don’t notice the huge potentials Charlotte has always carried with her. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Troy Huynh/Coleman-Rayner

Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge And Plunging Necklines At The 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Celebration

The girls of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition got together for their annual get decked out in low cut outfits promotional lineup. It worked. I feel promoted. While the SI edition may have turned into something of a glossy brushed shiny copy of its former self, there’s no denying the underlying model talent is beyond extraordinary.

Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Emily Ratajkowski and a number of other women above my pay grade assembled to preen and pose and smile and show off their faptastic bodies in support of their recent swimsuit publication. It’s almost like watching a young hottie graduation ceremony. Man, they should really have those. Only instead of throwing their caps into the air, they can throw… yeah, okay, I now realize these ceremonies will need to be private events. Hello hot swimsuit models, just call me fifteen minutes before you come over so I can inflate my pool. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Kim Kardashian Mega Cleavage Heat to Melt the Snows in New York

There’s nothing if not competition in the Kardashian family for skin showing in public. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, there’s no weatherly excuse for not flashing a healthy dose of your money makers when out in public if you want to keep the cash train a’rolling along. When Khloe pushed her pair almost out of her top on her latest outdoor venture, Kim Kardashian just had to try to top her. She is the queen bee if bee stands for boobtastic. Nobody’s going to rob her of the family title.

Hence, Kim walking down the chilly streets of Manhattan with her funbag flags nearly entire unfurled in some top that impossibly kept her from being an inadvertent Free the Nipple protestor. Considering how much we’ve seen of Kim’s yams the past few weeks, this view seems almost tame. Though in the New York winter, this much skin must’ve caused at least five construction workers to badly injure their necks. I’m not sure Kim hates the catcalls. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Scarlett Johansson Cleavetastic In Lingerie For W Magazine

Oh, Scarlett Johansson, your powers to move men into stupid lost thoughts is quite unparalleled. I’m not sure it will ever fade. I know I never want it to.

In this Oscars month, all the A-list celebrities are posing for their share of big time magazine pictorials, including this luscious bit of Scarlett in W magazine. Oh, many how she creates thousand upon millions of tingles up and down the central nervous system. It’s some kind of witchcraft. We should probably burn her at the stake, or, since this is 2015, just force her to watch me make smores at my place while she dances nekkid in my kitchen/living room. Just throwing that out there as a random alternate option. Scarlett, you make me absolutely crazy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: W Magazine

Khloe Kardashian Plunging Blouse And Tight White Pants In NYC

Khloe Kardashian was showing off those famous jugs of hers in a plunging blouse while out on the town in New York City. This in spite of the fact that it is cold as F here. But Khloe, ever the trooper, is willing to suffer a bit of boob draft for our viewing pleasure. All of the members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have enormous and beautiful ta-tas, of course. But I have to say that I like Khloe’s boobs best. I know that’s a controversial thing to say but it’s how I feel in the depths of my soul and pants. Kim has the superior booty, though. If you could somehow combine Khloe’s funbags with Kim’s butt and Kylie’s face you would create a super hot chick who could not be rivaled.

Alas, that is impossible. But we have them all separately to marvel at. They are all more than the sum of their parts.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet