Cleavage Posts:

Demi Lovato And Her Cleavage Attend The Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards

Singer Demi Lovato was all boobs and legs at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards in New York City. Demi wore a short yellow dress with a PLUNGING neckline. There was all kinds of cleav action going on in the front of this dress. I have never heard of these awards, but she should win one for being fun and fearless enough to show off this much of her lovely knockers. The short skirt also gave us a spectacular view of her legs. The skirt barely went passed her naughty bits. I freely admit that I have sung along to some Demi Lovato songs in my car. I'm not ashamed. The girl has talent as well as being a bonafide hottie. Demi is one of very few modern girl singers that actually has some chops.

I wonder what makes a "Fun Fearless Latina"? Most of my Latina relatives are either fun or fearless but rarely both. Mostly they just like to gossip and watch telenovelas.

Carmen Electra Cleavy Performance At The Elevate Concert

Boobtacular legend Carmen Electra was in full titacular force at the Elevate Concert series in LA. She performed in an outfit that is so scandalous it almost makes me feel faint. It's like a zippered bustier rubber thing with fishnet stockings. Whatever it's called the costume showed off those amazing ta-tas. There was cleavage to end all cleavage. Like, you look at how much lovely skin is exposed and it sort of ruins you for all other cleavage experiences. I've been a fan of ogling Carmen's funbags since I was a young man and she was on Baywatch. You also get to look at her long lovely legs in a pair of skin-tight fishnets. I'm not really sure who invented fishnets and for what practical purpose, but they were a friggin' genius.

I didn't know Carmen Electra could sing. I wonder if she's any good? I'd gladly listen to her sing the alphabet song as long as she's dressed like this.

Blake Lively Shows Some Cleavage at Chime For Change Gala in NYC

The very sexy Blake Lively brought her ta-tas partly out of her shirt at the Chime for Change gala in New York City. But it's OK, it was for charity. Blake was sporting a short yellow dress that has a peek-a-boo window that runs down the canyon of her boob valley. There is some pretty intense cleav action happening in that dress. I'm sure her funbags helped raise a lot of money. I will freely admit that I used to watch Gossip Girl. Why? Because it had Blake Lively in it in various states of undress, that's why. Plus all the other hot chicks on that show like Leighton Meester. I even went to see that crappy Green Lantern movie in the theaters so that I could see Blake's yum yums up on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds must actually have a magic ring in real life to have somehow scored Blake Lively. I'm sure the fact that he's really handsome and has a lot of money helps too.

I've been thinking I need to be more charitable lately. If ladies are dressing like this at charity events, I will gladly volunteer my time and energy for the boobs...I mean...cause.

Mariah Carey Doesn’t Need a Reason to Show Off Her Big Old Mama Bears

Okay, so maybe there was a reason this time. A red carpet strut for the Fresh Air Fund in New York City. Who doesn't support fresh air? Or Mariah Carey and her big ole knockers supporting fresh air? The 40-something diva has been making a new-new-new name for herself again bringing her massive mama mamms around toe important and well-photographed social gatherings. I suppose it's a couple Egotastic! levels up from those celebrities who just roll up in their Ferraris and expect to be noticed. I can look at Ferraris any time I like (at least pictures of, my crowd usually has old model domestic sedans). I'll take Mariah's twin turbo funbags any day as far as 'look at me' entrances go.

Mariah, you're not getting older, you're just getting more central to so many of my adult nursing relationship dreams. Cute dress. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey Cleavy Performance At The 2014 World Music Awards

Mariah Carey's talent was in full effect at the 2014 World Music Awards. Yes, her voice but I'm talking about her legendary funbags. To say that there was spectacular cleavage action going on is a bit of and understatement. Her ta-tas were in almost full view. Her glorious boob valley is more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon and I didn't even have to leave my couch. I've always been a fan of Mariah's jugs. Since back in the day in her Honey video. You remember that? How many women performers can honestly say that they still look this good twenty years later? Not without some major plastic surgery. But Mariah still looks natural. I also love the fact that Mariah rarely isn't showing deep cleavage. I'm sure it helps keep her lungs in top singing condition, right?

I'm going to watch the full performance online after I'm done with this post. I may revisit some of her old videos as well and relive some of my high school fantasies.

Genevieve Morton’s Sweet Cleavage In a Sheer Top

South African model and professional hot person Genevieve Morton was spotted at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood wearing what can only be described as the most cleavetacular outfit of all time. The middle panel of her top is see through so you can see all of the gloriousness of her funbag valley and inner sideboob. And what an amazing pair of ta-ta's they are, my friends. Genevieve's ladies are like two perfectly rip melons that defy gravity. It's like magic, only it's breast magic so it's even better. Her skirt also only went down to mid-thigh so you also got a good look at her long lovely legs. This outfit is like the Giving Tree only instead of being a really depressing story about a boy and a tree, it just keeps giving us more wonderful skin to gawp at.

I may be heading Africa way this summer and I plan on hitting the beaches in South Africa. According to my sources the beaches in South Africa are covered in girls like Genevieve. And penguins. Both are awesome.

Giada de Laurentiis Drops Some Sextastic Cleave for Her Own Vegas Shizzle Selling

When you think of hotties brought in to pimp the shizz out of some Vegas Beach club opening on the Memorial Day weekend, you might be thinking about some young tall model pro. But why not the 40-something cleavetastic Giada de Laurentiis who has such a deft hand in the kitchen that ladies adore her, and such a low cut top while dicing that men imagine doing crazy naughty things with her Italian heritage on the butcher block.

Giada was in Vegas to hostess the opening of Drai's Beach Club, which I'm sure is impossibly hip and awesome and not at all lined with tweaking Hollywood agents like all the other Beach Clubs in Vegas. Either way, as long as Giada cleavage was involved, I'd be there to peek down her top and gather some other recipes for happiness. Giada, you are quite the culinary treat. Enjoy.