Selena Gomez Smoking Hot Behind the Scenes of Her Nylon Magazine Photoshoot

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bill-swift - January 31, 2013

We saw it coming. Selena Gomez finally dumped her teen lesbian anchor and suddenly she's blossoming like she's the first bloom in the garden of the sextastic. Just looking amazing, in shoot after shoot, appearance after appearance, and entirely not level of hotness and attraction that we didn't think possible from our little Latina love. But it's most definitely game on.

In this look behind the scenes of her Nylon magazine photoshoot, Selena Gomez shows that she' not just growing hotter, she's growing up, into a very fine looking petite woman. An object d' lust that will linger in our hearts and loins for some time to come. And all it took was a break from The Devil's Midget, which any exorcist survivor can probably tell you is more difficult that it appears on paper. Enjoy.