Vanessa Hudgens Hot Dance Video!

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egoadmin - February 17, 2020

Super Star Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical Fame gave her 38 million followers a REAL amazing tree this past weekend.

Despite popular belief this hot dance video was not for President's Day. It is not her own "Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday to the president" moment.

It was however her Valentine's Day Video. The recently single starlet posted this up saying it was her "Galentines Day". A solid way to piss off any ex boyfriend, at least if the ex boyfriend was just a regular dude and not currently filming the Elvis Biopic as Elvis. Something we all know will level him up as a celebrity.

I am all for recently single ladies, they bring us hope, especially when they come out of their "relationship bubble" and remind us all why we've been fans for as long as we have.

She looks GREAT.