Selena Gomez and Katy Perry Form Two Hot Parts of an Ultimate Sextastic Dream Sandwich

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bill-swift - November 29, 2012

Wow, talk what kind of bread you want around your meat this lunch hour, the freshly single (though still in the dark grasps of The Devil's Midget),Selena Gomez flashing some seriously good looks, alongside the busty Katy Cocktease, the two pop stars promoting goodness and bangability at a UNICEF event in The Big Apple last night.

Now, I know this whole threesome action thing can be kind of tricky. The last time I engaged in such behavior I ended up with two plus-sized girls yelling at me to go get them some more booze at the store and give them some privacy while they got it on, so, it's tricky, no doubt. You need some planning, some X's and O's on the chalkboard in the locker room before the game. Lots of preparation and sweat. But for my belusted Selena Gomez and the truly needing-to-be-exposed Katy Cocktease, you've just got to go that extra mile. There's no 'i' in the word 'team'. Enjoy.