Alison Brie Promoting Health!

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Echo Lawrence - April 15, 2020

Alison Brie is in the latest issue of Women's Health magazine where she talks about dealing with her body dysmorphia! Something that a lot of young women deal with, which is pretty shocking to me, because I've never heard anything but good things from dudes when it comes to Alison Brie. They find her hot.

I guess all that feedback or the fact that they find her hot isn't enough for her to believe it because according to the quote, she used to cry before going to events thinking she was ugly!

“I go back to red carpet photos where I thought I looked so horrible, and there are some where I now think, ‘God, I looked beautiful.’ And I’ll remember: An hour before that I was in tears; I thought I was so disgusting"

I guess it goes to show you that even when you're famous, rich, have a successful career and look better than good according to 90 percent of dudes. It's still not quite enough to make you love yourself!

At 37, it seems like she's done some healing and that more Alison Brie hotness is to come!

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