Lindsay Lohan Shows Her Bra and Ass in Purple

When I heard that Lindsay Lohan would be in a Terry Richardson photoshoot in the new issue of Purple magazine, I was pretty excited for some really hot pictures. After all, her last major shoot featured Lindsay Lohan topless in Muse magazine, and Terry Richardson is the guy that shot Miranda Kerr topless in the Pirelli Calendar. So, yeah, my expectations were set kinda high. Is it Linsday or Terry’s best work? Not really. But we do have Lindsay Lohan in her bra and flashing her ass, so it’ll get the job done.

But Can She Act? No.

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Rosie Jones is Topless and Bottomless


It’s no secret that I love the British “Lad Mag” Girls. I’ve posted tons of Vikki Blows, Keeley Hazell, Lucy Pinder, and Sophie Howard. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I never posted any Rosie Jones pictures before. She’s been one of the top girls for quite a while, and it’s about time I corrected this error. So here is the first of what I’m sure will be many Rosie Jones topless (and bottomless) picture posts!

Lucy Lawless Nude Again on Spartacus: Blood and Sand


Okay, so this scene of Lucy Lawless nude on Spartacus: Blood and Sand is pretty hot. But not so much because of Lucy (don’t get me wrong, she looks good), but because of the no-name sex slave bath girl, who is not only one of the prettiest girls I’ve seen in a long time, but has one hell of a giant rack. Probably fake, but I don’t really care. This is TV genius!

Watch the Video »

Is That a Bird?

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Marisa Miller’s Hotness Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

While I’d prefer to see Marisa Miller wearing less, these shots from Vegas magazine are still pretty frickin’ sexy. Obviously. I mean, when isn’t Marisa Miller sexy? Never, that’s when! And don’t you forget it. Not sure why I just got overly agressive there. Maybe I shouldn’t be eating cold pizza for breakfast.

Lara Bingle Nude Picture Scandal Down Under


Good morning boys and girls. Today, we’ll be talking about Lara Bingle. Who’s Lara Bingle, you ask? Well, I didn’t know either, but a bunch of readers asked me to find a particular Lara Bingle nude picture that’s floating around the Internet, so I thought I’d ask the same question. Turns out Lara Bingle is an Australian model, a very popular one at that (at least back in Australia), and a very letigious one, too. In fact, she’s suing her ex-boyfriend, Brendan Fevola of the Brisbane Lions, an Aussie Rules Football player, claiming he distributed a picture of Lara Bingle nude in the shower from back when they were dating in 2006.

Now, since I’m not particularly keen on being sued by Miss Bingle, I won’t be posting that picture. But I did find a couple other Lara Bingle nude pictures from German GQ magazine, plus a whole bunch of Lara Bingle bikini pictures just so you could all see just how hot this Aussie chick is.