Daveigh Chase Bikini Pictures

If you've never seen HBO's Big Love, you probably don't know who Daveigh Chase is, so these Daveigh Chase bikini pictures are probably as good a way to meet her as I can think of. If you have seen Big Love, than these pictures will just be a very nice bonus.

Just to fill you in, Daveigh Chase plays a manipulative, fame-seeking, teenage polygamist, promised to wed the scraggily old leader of a Utah polygamist compound. If you ask me, these Daveigh Chase bikini pictures are a great way for her to get attention too. And without having to sleep with some creepy 80-year-old guy.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Weekend Links

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Vanessa Hudgens Nude Picture – Is It Real?

So here's some news you might find interesting. Supposedly this is a picture of Vanessa Hudgens nude, and I mean completely naked that is making its way around the net. I've seen the picture, and I wasn't going to post it, because I wasn't sure if it was really her or not. But then I thought I'd let you guys decide. According to the National Enquirer, it is indeed a Vanessa Hudgens nude picture.

Shooting into a mirror with her camera phone, she took photos of herself stripped except for a gold chain around her waist. She also photographed herself in the tub, blowing kisses - and sensuously pulling down her bikini bottom.

And she took a photo on the beach of her wearing a Zac button pinned to the top of her swimsuit. Concluded the source: 'It remains to be seen whether the photos hit the Internet and the ensuing scandal blows the whole 'High School Musical' enterprise sky-high.'

Well, I guess the photo has hit the net, and here it is for you to judge for yourselves. Is it really Vanessa Hudgens naked, or just a look-alike? I'm not making any conclusions, but that's really just because I don't want to get sued.

Oh, and check out these Vanessa Hudgens bikini pictures too, because at least we know those are real. And hot.

Update: TMZ reports the picture is real!, saying: "In a statement to TMZ, Hudgens' rep says, "This was a photo which was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public." And now in here's the Vanessa Hudgens nude picture in Hi-Res!

Another Update: The Vanessa Hudgens nude picture is definitely real. So real, in fact, that Vanessa has sicked her lawyers on us to take the picture down. Sorry. Here are the other pictures from the set.

Yet Another Update: So I had to remove all the pictures Vanessa took of herself, because of "copyright" issues, which is totally bullshit, but whatever. Don't feel like lawsuits.


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Jessica Simpson’s Nipples Need a Hand

So, I was really hoping that I could be mature enough to not talk about the fact that Jessica Simpson's nipples are totally erect, and that she's totally feeling up her own breast, but I'm afraid I'm just not capable of that. The sight of Jessica Simpson's nipples poking through her top might have been easier to ignore, if it was just that, but come on, she's totally grabbing her boob. I'm not that strong. I'm just a guy with a blog.

By the way, she's not wearing a bra either. Damn she's hot.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Meagan Good’s Nipples are Good Enough


Meagan Good may not be the most famous actress around, but she is definitely one of the cutest, and while that in and of itself should be good enough to merit a post, Meagan Good's nipples are definitely good enough to get her some attention.

The actress you probably know as "that really cute girl in that movie you saw that time" has become the latest victim of the braless black shirt and camera flash phenomenon I like to call the "happy flash." Don't you just love how a black t-shirt has absolutley no chance against the paparazzi? I know I do. And that's why it's caleld the "happy flash."

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Keeley Hazell is Topless Again in Zoo Magazine

There are a few things in this world that you really have to give the British credit for, but if you ask me, there are three things that instantly come to mind: The Beatles, Tea, and Keeley Hazell topless. Probably the three most important contributions to cultural history ever.

But seriously, is there anyone more physically perfect than Keeley Hazell in this entire world? I defy you to find her. I also defy you to explain to me how Great Britain, the land of Margaret Thatcher and the worst oral hygeine in the world managed to actually produce such a physically perfect specimen as Keeley Hazell.

Oh, you can also add ZOO Magazine to that list of great things out of Britain, since they're the ones actually taking pictures of Keeley Hazell topless for us to look at.