Rosario Dawson Pictures Provide Boobtastic Sexiness in GQ Germany

Rosario Dawson simply does not get enough love around here. Okay, I’m probably the one to blame for that, but I realize now how much I miss her consistent Latina hotness. Oh, yeah, she’s a talented actress, but, more importantly, she has a killer body and sexy look that just makes me want to rob a bank or somebody to buy her whatever she wants. (Note: Egotastic! does not endorse the robbing of banks to buy sexy celebrities shizz, unless, you know, you can get some, then all bets are off.) These German GQ photos are the drop dead Rosario Dawson sexy bomb and are a must ogle for all fans of celebrity hotness. Enjoy.

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Jessica Alba Pictures From GQ Are Unfairly Hot

These are the ridiculously sexy Jessica Alba pictures from our friends at GQ UK magazine that we saw screen capped earlier in the week from the smoking hot Watch the Video »

Taylor Momsen Legs Out Another Victory for Wayward Teen Hotness

I’m just filled with Taylor Momsen short skirt, long legs, and high boots kind of joy these day. Is it every day now? Perhaps. But she’s getting to me, I mean, obviously in a concerned adult caring for a wayward teen kind of way. What? You thought I meant… get out of here. You are so wrong. I just want to make sure her ridiculously long, hot body, is properly supervised. By me. In the dark. Because I care. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News /

Paz de la Huerta Sizzles Nude on the Boardwalk and on the Pages of Purple (VIDEO)


One of my new favorite shows is Boardwalk Empire, in no small part due to the sextastic displays put on weekly by Paz de la Huerta, not your typical actress hottie, she has a unique look, but most definitely a body that will not quit (and, a body that she loves to show off on the screen and in the pages of Purple magazine). I’m definitely getting into Paz, in a deep, lust-filled way. Enjoy.

First, Paz de la Huerta flashing the full body hotness in Boardwalk Empire.

Watch the Video »

Nina Osenar, I Don’t Get It, But I Dig It!


Bless you, Nina Osenar, my new favorite Slovenian celebrity hottie!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Bikini Pictures for Victoria’s Secret Are Transformational

Okay, so acting may be a bit of a stretch for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but being hot in a swimsuit comes quite naturally to this amazing-bodied Victoria’s Secret angel who constantly reminds me of warm, sexy, summer vacations that I never had in the first place. Yeah, I’ll see Transformers 3, mostly just because of Rosie and what I know will be a Michael Bay lovemaking on camera to her hotness; and I will definitely keep receiving the Victoria’s Secret catalog, just to window shop the likes or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Enjoy.