Vanessa Hudgens Cleavy Bad-Ass in Sucker Punch

I’ll take the super sexy Vanessa Hudgens in any world. The real world in a backless skimpy dress, some dream world where she’s packing all kinds of boobtastic heat in tight leather… wow, need a break. In Sucker Punch, Vanessa Hudgens is a member of the six-girl crew of bad-ass gun-toting, take-no-prisoner-biyatches who strap on guns and sexy outfits to battle some evil dude in some imaginary world. I suspect the creators of this flick are big Egotastic! fans. Only problem now, this movie doesn’t come out for eight more months, what am I to do in the interim? I’m going to need a new chew towel.

The ladies: Emily Browning (Baby Doll), Jamie Chung (Amber), Jena Malone (Rocket), Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie), Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Carla Gugino (Madam Gorski).

TGIF: A Bunch of Dudes Uncork on Paris Hilton

Are these the defining pictures of Paris Hilton? Let’s see.

Skimpy bathing suit flashing the moneymakers? Check.
Teasing a bunch of rich Comic-Con nerds in Saint-Tropez? Check.
Egregious wasting of expensive booze? Check
Flashing the brand new bazillion karat diamond ring? Check
Smiles and giggles that will lead some wealthy European to become a regret-filled future husband? Check.

Yep, these are they.

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria’s Secret Bikini Photoshoot Makes Waves

When Victoria’s Secret sets up a photoshoot for some sexy new bikinis, they don’t kid around. They spend the dough; they bring in the pros. No hired gun more important than the smoking hot model, Alessandra Ambrosio, one of my very favorite V.S. Angels. These Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pictures, set amid the sand and the surf, show the sexy Brazilian swimwear model in all her tanned, slim, hot bodied glory. Perfect boobs, butt, and tummy. Makes me jealous of the water lapping up around her sexy form.*

* I’m not really jealous of water. Lucky ocean bastard!

Photo credit: Fame

Amber Lancaster (Covered) Topless from the Clever Bastards at MTV (VIDEO)

So, maybe MTV is youth obsessed, and maybe they think anybody old enough to shave might as well be cast off on an ice float into the sea, but they were sinister enough to make a big exception, hiring a 30-year old, super hottie Amber Lancaster, who we lust heartily, to play a sexy high school cheerleader in The Hard Times of RJ Berger. They’ve doubled their clever quotient, and our praises, by finding unique ways to get Amber almost-naked on the show, including this little number with her backpack just barely covering her glorious boobs. As much as I detest pimping MTV, hats off to you, former music video channel.

Watch the Video »

Stage of Consent

Sky Ferreira just turned 18; I officially declare her grown up sexy. (Idolator)

Top 10 Female Celebrity Bikini Bodies, this ranking is official! (Celebuzz)

Julian Hough really really insists that Ryan Seacrest is not gay. (dlisted)

Mila Kunis, underrated super hottie. (Popoholic)

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Megan Fox looks sexy in or out of anything. (HuffPo)

Dina and Ali bring Lindsay Lohan her first prison cake. (OK!)

Jennifer Aniston Upskirt Pictures Mean We’re Now Rumored to Be Dating Jennifer Aniston

Leering at these Jennifer Aniston upskirt pictures, we’ve now gone farther with Jennifer Aniston than Vince Vaughn or Gerard Butler or any of the other made-up on-set romance partners for the sexy, but supremely bridesmaidy, Jennifer Aniston. Granted, Brad Pitt has seen even more than us, but after he got a good gander, he packed his overnight bag and took leave for the cuckoo sex-kitten, Angelina Jolie. Perhaps leaving it to a brief glimpse of Jen’s bird’s nest is the preferred method to keep us interested. Bravo, paparazzi.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Okay, this one is a wild-ass guess, but Jenna the Mighty knows her panties and what celebs wear, so here’s her guess on the Jennifer Aniston upskirt (which you may now click-to-buy for your lady):

La Perla Studio Sexytown Logo G-String Panty

Sophie Monk Candids Bare Tummy and Nipple Pokes and Super Hotness

I think I may need to change up my evening out routine, because I never see sexy girls like Sophie Monk when I leave the Sizzler after an Early Bird dinner special. Seen here exiting the slightly more hip, Las Palmas nightclub, Sophie Monk flashes her taut tummy and her obviously braless boobs from ‘neath a sweatshirt, and, oh, and did I mention sexy legs — the trifecta of hotness! Ridiculous hotness.

Sophie Monk, how do I lust thee?

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