Anne Hathaway Bikini Pictures Get a Little Frisky

Okay, this summer has officially been the best summer for celebrity bikini pictures ever, and it just keeps coming with these great Anne Hathaway bikini pictures. A rare sight indeed, these Anne Hathaway bikini pictures were captured as Anne spent the day on a yacht in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy, with her boyfriend.

From the looks of it, though, things got a bit frisky between Anne and her boyfriend, with a couple shots showing Anne Hathaway's head in her boyfriend's lap. It looks like he's still got his shorts on, but you never know...

What I do know is that Anne Hathaway looks great in her bikini, and there are way more pictures after the jump.

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The Ass Strikes Back

Who is has that giant celebrity ass?(DListed)

Katharine McPhee's new movie has her all knocked up. (Hollywood Tuna)

Playboy Playmate, Patrice Hollis gives some great advice. (CollegeHumor)

Britney Spears flashes her undies again, but this time they're purple. (Pink is the New Blog)

Here's Katharine McPhee showing off her sexy legs. (Popoholic)

Nicole Richie's jail sentence has been reduced. Celebrities and pregnant women get all the breaks. (PopSugar)

Britney Spears is a totally going to win mother of the year. (IDLYITW)

Suri Cruise is already getting to work as the new face of Baby Gap. Wow, she has great parents. (Just Jared)

You can take Foxy Brown out of the 'Hood, but you can't take the 'Hood out of Foxy Brown. (A Socialite's Life)

Mayra Veronica is supposedly one of the most downloaded women on the Internet. I've never heard of her, but I'd believe it. (CityRag)

Eva Longoria is buying a lot of beans. (Hollywood Rag)

Seriously, Britney Spears is a really bad Mom. (PopBytes)

Mandy Moore Should be Vampy More… Often

Hey Everybody! How did you like my horrible pun in the title of this post? It's aweful, isn't it? Well, one thing that isn't aweful about this post is how good Mandy Moore looked at the premiere of her new movie Dedication (that's because good is the opposite of bad by definition).

Mandy got all vamped up in a tight black dress, and topped it off with some Goth-inspired make-up, which is quite the departure from her regular cutie-pie look, but I like it either way. But in this get up she looks like she means business, and she won't take no for answer. Not that I'd ever say no to Mandy Moore.

More vampy Moore after the jump.

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Nicole Richie Has Big Breasts, and It’s Freaking Me Out

Okay, I understand that when women get pregnant, their breasts get bigger and all that, but the sight of Nicole Richie's breasts being all big and cleavagey is making me go insane. My cave man brain can't help but see breasts and want to look, but it's Nicole Richie! She is the most disgusting, skeletal, annoying, "human being" on the planet, and if I end up finding her attractive I will have to shoot myself.

So then why am I posting these pictures of Nicole Richie showing off her new boobs? Well, if I'm going out, I'm taking all of you with me, damn it!

Photo credit: INF Photo

Jenna Jameson’s Bikini is Filled with Plastic, and so is Her Face

I don't know quite how to say this, so I'm just going to say it. Jenna Jameson is dead and has been replaced by an evil cyborg clone that likes to dance on the beach in a bikini with her dog. Or at least I think that's what happened, because I can't think of anything else that would explain the way Jenna Jameson looks.

Oh wait, maybe she's just gone crazy and thinks that being anorexically skinny, getting a bucket full of fat injected into her lips, and having her eyes pulled back around the other side of her head is actually a good look. No, it's got to be the evil cyborg clone thing. Or maybe she's a real life Simpsons cartoon.

All I know is Jenna Jameson looks very scary. I, for one, am glad she isn't doing porn movies anymore, because I think they'd have to put her in the Shemale section now (or the Daffy Duck section, if they have one). Also, notice the tape that's keeping her over-inflated breasts up for the photoshoot she's doing. I guess even silicone starts to sag...

More Jenna Jameson bikini pictures after the jump, if you can bear to look.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News
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Up Till There

Charlize Theron shows off her sexy, sexy legs. (Popoholic)

Amanda Bynes has something to sell. (Hollywood Tuna)

Six college girls making out. What more do you need to know? (CollegeHumor)

Britney Spears goes Death Metal! RAUGH! (eBaum's World)

Mary-Kate Olsen and Sir Ben Kinglsey making out!? (DListed)

Britney Spears is looking fuglier than ever. (Pink is the New Blog)

Lindsay Lohan is getting sued for causing "emotional distress" aka that crazy car chase. (PopSugar)

Angelina Jolie has given up the kinky life. (IDLYITW)

Nicole Richie's trendy maternity wear. (Just Jared)

Where is Christina Aguilera's baby bump? (A Socialite's Life)

Did Tom Cruise get taller, or is he using his evil powers to shrink Katie Holmes? (CityRag)

Is Angelina Jolie adopting another kid? (Hollywood Rag)

Carmen Electra’s Bikini is Filled with Plastic

I'm not denying Carmen Electra looks pretty damn good in that bikini of hers, but after all the money she's spent on getting her body in that shape, one would hope for nothing less.

Still, I can't help but find myself oddly conflicted when looking at these Carmen Electra bikini pictures. On the one hand, my rational mind knows that she's just made of plastic, and a heavy coating of shellac, and on the other hand, my cave man brain is saying "Boobies!"

And there you have it, the mind of the modern man, brought to light by nothing other than a pair of fake tits, and about a half a square foot of very thin cloth.

More Carmen Electra bikini pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash
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