Natalie Imbruglia Bikini Pictures are Wow!

I think I’ve mentioned before just how big of a crush I had on Natalie Imruglia back in the 90s, and these new Natalie Imbruglia bikini pictures are bringing it all back. Natalie is on vacation in Hawaii (vacation from what, I don’t know), and was spotted changing in or out of her wet suit, and damn, does she look good! So good, in fact, that I’m just going to stop writing, and let you look at the pictures (as if you’re even reading this anyway).

Photo credit: Splash News

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Jennifer Ellison is So Hot It’s Nuts

Yes, I totally used the exact same title for my last post featuring Jennifer Ellison in Nuts magazine, but what the hell else are you gonna use for a title featuring pictures of ridiculously hot pictures of Jennifer Ellison in a magazine as aptly named as Nuts? Anyway, point is, boobs.

Kendra Wilkinson is Back (on the Pole)

Kendra Wilkinson, formerly of Playboy’s Girls Next Door, and Hef’s harem, is coming back to the Boob Tube, and it looks like she brought her stripper pole with her (conveniently located in her living room). So I’m assuming that her new show will basically be just like her old show, just with more of Kendra, and with less old dudes (hopefully). And if there’s stripping, all the better. Kendra premiere’s Sunday at 9pm. Find out more here.

Here’s a preview of the series premiere of Kendra.

Eva Longoria Bikini Pictures Have Lost That Something Special

Once upon a time, Eva Longoria bikini pictures would have been the highlight of the day. Those days are gone. I actually almost didn’t even post these pictures of Eva on vacation with her husband, but I figured it was probably a net gain overall. And it’s not like she looks bad. I’m not saying that. She actually still looks really good, but she’s lost that loving feeling something special that used to set her apart. That being said, she still does have a pretty nice ass.

Photo credit:

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A Lily Allen Nipple Slip for a Change


Just in case yesterday’s Lily Allen topless pictures weren’t enough for you, here’s a little Lily Allen nipple slip from the set of her new music video. To be quite honest, I think I actually like these pictures better than the topless ones. First off, she looks way better all cleaned up. Second, the only thing I like about Lily Allen are her boobs, and thankfully, that’s all that’s showing. And third, her dress is shiny.