Some Anna Kournikova Swimuit Sexiness

It’s been a while since we’ve seen her, and these Anna Kournikova swimsuit pictures are a nice reminder of why we like her: Because she’s a hottie. These photos are from behind the scenes of a photoshoot she’s doing, and boy is it good to see her from behind. Alright, that was brutal, but as long as I can keep myself entertained, I’m happy.

Weekend Links

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Megan Fox is That Hot

Just in case you had your doubts about just how hot Megan Fox is, here she is in a tank top and the shortest of short shorts, and OH! MY! GOD! If she doesn’t make your head explode, nothing will. Frankly, I’m impressed that Brian Austin Green’s penis hasn’t melted off already, due to the hotness. But really, that’s the risk you take. And it would be worth it.

Not worth it: Penis melting off due to the Herpes of having sex with Paris Hilton.

Lots more Megan Fox hotness after the jump.


Valerie Bertinelli Bikini Pictures from People

She might be 48-years-old, but with the help of some crazy diet, and a hell of a lot of photoshop (mostly on her face), these Valerie Bertinelli bikini pictures are pretty good. Especially when you consider that she used to be kinda F-A-T. But good for her. She looks good, and she’s totally rocking the Cougar vibe. I bet Eddie’s kicking himself now. All his groupies are in their Fifties anyway, and probably not as cute as Valerie Bertinelli. Too bad for him they broke up.

Vikki Blows Topless Pictures Get Me Loaded


Oh. My. God. If these aren’t the hottest, most incredible Vikki Blows topless pictures ever, I don’t know what are. This girl is absolute perfection in my book, and I can’t believe that she actually takes her clothes off for a living. I actually have to stop looking at these pictures because it will just end up driving me mad, and then who’ll write this blog, and bring you pictures like these?


But does Padma Lakshmi swallow? (DListed)

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Jamie Lynn Spears called off her wedding. (Pink is the New Blog)

Lindsay Lohan‘s new movie is going straight to DVD, with a stop on cable first. Loser. (PopSugar)

Anna Kournikova sexiness. (Popoholic)

Madonna wants to steal adopt another kid from Malawi. (Just Jared)

Shawn Johnson‘s stalker has been charged. (Socialite Life)

More celebrity Photoshop before and after. (CityRag)

Audrina Patridge Gets Topless to Sell You Jeans

Sex sells, and I’d buy just about anything to have sex with Audrina Patridge, but that’s probably not going to happen, so I’ll settle for these Audrina Patridge topless pictures from her new ad campaign for Divine Rights of Denim. If you want to look like a skank, you should buy these jeans. Preferably 3 sizes too small.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen them already, here are some really hot Audrina Patridge topless pictures. And here are some Audrina Patridge nude pictures. You’re welcome.