Rachel Bilson Flaunts Her Sexy SIde in Flaunt

Oooh look! Rachel Bilson is back, and yeah, she’s as sexy as ever. Especially in this month’s issue of Flaunt magazine. She’ll be on How I Met Your MOther this year, so it’s nice to know that at least someone from The O.C. has some kind of career these days.

Kelly Brook and her Topless Treats

I don’t think anyone would ever claim that Kelly Brook is the best actress, or even a good one, at that, but I would sit through any of her talentless performances to see Kelly Brook topless. And now, you can have the chance to see it all live. That’s right, Kelly Brook goes topless (sorta) in her new play Calendar Girls on stage at the Noel Coward Theatre in London. Of course, Kelly keeps it covered thanks to some cupcakes, but when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, this one’s full of possiblities.

Hot or Not

Kristen Stewart can’t help it. (CityRag)

How come I don’t get to punch Kim Kardashian!? (DListed)

Lindsay Lohan‘s dad tapes their conversations. Lindsay cries a lot. (Pink is the New Blog)

Blake Lively is hot when she isn’t speaking. (Popoholic)

Rumour has it Gwyneth Paltrow is being cheated on. (PopSugar)

Don’t believe the rumours about Brangelina. (PopBytes)

Best. Beyonce costume. Ever. (CollegeHumor)

Rachael Taylor Bikini Pictures from Splinterheads

Remember Rachael Taylor. She was the blonde Australian hottie in the first Transformers movie. You know, the one who’s storyline was never resolved because Michael Bay is a terrible director. Anyway, she’s filming a new movie called Splinterheads, and while I don’t know anything about it, I do know she wears a bikini in it, and that she looks amazing. So there you go.

Marisa Miller Blogs, Does America’s Next Top Model

Oh Marisa Miller, why must you be so sexy? And why must you tease me so with these pictures from your blog? And why must you taunt me into watching the awfulness that is America’s Next Top Model with a guest appearance? And why can’t you just lock Tyra Banks in her dressing room, and just take over the show, and make it watchable again? And why am I writing as though you will ever be reading this?

Here are the Marisa Miller bikini pictures from her blog:

Marisa Miller bikini pictures from America’s Next Top Model:

Kim Kardashian Wins Halloween

I hate to say it, but I think Kim Kardashian (and her massive cleavage) wins best Halloween costume. No matter what you tihnk about how useless and irrelevant she is, you’ve got to admit she looks pretty hot in that Jasmine costume from Disney’s Aladin. In fact, aside from the ridiculously tiny waste of the animated version, she looks practically identical to the cartoon charater. If you think about it, it’s actually pretty scary. So I guess that means Kim Kardashian wins both hottest, and scariest Halloween costume. What the fuck is the world coming to!?


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