By the EgoFans, For the EgoFans: Renee Olstead, VIntage Voluptuous Sexy

This past week’s mailbag, handled deftly by our six-fingered intern, Gretchen, was just packed solid with letters demanding to see more of my own new secret ginger crush, young TV actress and singer, Renee Olstead. As luck would have it, with big props to Egotastic! fan, Drew, we have this amazing set of vintage Renee Olstead photos perfect for her new rabid fans, including me, on a getaway Friday. Granted, these are ‘teen photos’ of the sexy and voluptuous, Ms. Olstead, so I’m pretty certain this is another paving stone on the road to Hell, but it’s going to be some fun party getting there. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Picture For Panty Peekers Everywhere

One of the things I love most about presenting sexy celebrities to the world is the behind-the-scenes process. Producing this momentary glimpse of white panties in this Jennifer Lopez upskirt picture required a sharp-eyed photographer to sit and wait, through hours of boring, endless speaking at this publicity event, just silently begging for sexy Jennifer Lopez to uncross her tightly and decidedly scissored legs. Jennifer knew full well how short her dress was and she knew this sharpshooter was out there, but, over time, her muscles ached, her celebrity duty was forgotten, she uncrossed her legs and… blammo! From all of us, to all of you. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

EgoXCLUSIVE: Jaslene Gonzalez, America’s Next Top Model Winner, See-Through Birthday Top


Jaslene Gonzalez see-through top pictures remind me that: (a) I love sexy Latinas, (b) forget (a), I love all sexy women, and (c) I love boobs. Jaslene Gonzalez and her beautiful face and hot, sexy body, were the winner of Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model. These pictures are from Jaslene’s 24th birthday party at Brava at the El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico (alongside fellow ANTM contestant, Whitney Cunningham), part of a promotional tour she’s doing for Chica CoverGirl to choose the next CoverGirl. Winner gets a spread in Puerto Rican Cosmopolitan (which we will cover, we love spreads!) and will be the next face of CoverGirl Puerto Rico. Disfrutar!

Heidi Klum Brings Back MILF Sexy in GQ

Oh, Mrs. Klum, stop teasing me now, I’m just an innocent paperboy.

Bless you, hot moms. Hot moms that cleanse my palate after disturbing viewings of New Jersey Housewife sex tapes. Heidi Klum is one hot mom. Featured here in German GQ, Heidi Klum in lingerie, and, well, less, shows the hot boobs and booty and body of a woman vying for the title of world’s top MILF. She may not win outright, but any MILF competition where Heidi Klum’s not in the finals is highly suspect.

Who’s Been Naughty?

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Ashley Greene Wardrobe Malfunction Provides Bra and Cleavage Peeks

Ashley Greene bra and cleavage peek pictures remind us one key fact: hangovers happen to everyone, even sexy celebrities. As do wardrobe malfunctions resulting from a foggy brain. Luckily for us, the two combined in some weird beneficence to provide us with a glimpse into the lingerie-covered boobs of the very hot Ashley Greene. We’ve seen Ashley Greene wearing less before, and we shall again, but for a weekday afternoon, not bad. Enjoy.

By way of explanation, here’s Ashley Greene just hours earlier, caught coming home at dawn from an all nighter:

Photo credit:

The Danielle Staub Sex Tape Is As Hot As Catching Grandma In the Shower


In all my years with Egotastic!, I’ve perhaps not spent a more difficult hour than reviewing the Danielle Staub sex tape. Honestly, it was four minutes of review and fifty-six minutes of cleaning my eyes with bleach (which, by the way, I don’t recommend). Danielle Staub is the haggard member, okay, most haggard member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey TV show on Bravo. The story goes, she filmed herself getting naked and catty with some poor bastard and now Hustler is releasing the footage as a celebrity sex tape because apparently their Beaver Hunt section rejected Ms. Staub’s vagina when it was properly lit. This sex tape makes me want to give the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape even better reviews, just by comparison. Ouch, but, enjoy the screencaps.

Photo credit: Splash News