Sextastic Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Legs And Cleavage For Shoe Campaign

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bill-swift - February 25, 2016

XTI has nailed the secret to selling shoes. Get supermodels half naked in boobtastic composition and let their legs and bodies and racks do the business of selling shoes. I'm a foot man myself, I don't mean that in the old English servile way, I mean I adore the lovely lady toes, but I'm not to the level of reviewing close-up shoe sales catalogs. Close, but not quite there. What better way to produce the full allure of pimping than with the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio showing off her stellar Brazilian body in the name of footwear.

We've seen Irina Shayk promoting this line before with her fine female form. Alessandra steps right in as the face, err body, err feet of XTI and makes you just feel like something's missing in your life. Maybe for some it is shoes. For me it's helping Alessandra on and off with her shoes in the store while I pretend I'm not peeking up her skirt and dreaming happy dreams. I'm good at pretend. Why are you slapping me, Alessandra? I thought we had an understanding between MILF and shoe salesman. Nevertheless, that did feel good. I'll never wash my face again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: XTI Shoes