Jeremy Piven Still Wants to Bang The Ex

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josh-j - February 24, 2016

Jeremy Piven has been sending his ex-girlfriend, Kate Nardi, stalking text messages, according to Nardi's new boyfriend, Justin Ross Lee, a socialite who sells designer silk pocket squares. No, I'm not fucking kidding. Pretentious Pockets. How'd you settle on that name, asshole?

"Before I met Kate, she dated Jeremy Piven. I was always a fan and totally fine with that, except lately the guy will not stop texting her, and has become really creepy... He keeps offering to fly her places."

Of course he wants to fly her places. Look at those tits. A short bald guy doesn't lose interest in rejoining that battle even after breakup. This entire story reads like a publicity move by Lee to move more pocket squares. Now I know this shithead's name. He wins. Even if Jeremy Piven in disguise wig is French fucking his girlfriend in exotic locales.

Photo credit: Jeremy Piven / Instagram