Our Final Slice of ‘Battlefield 4’ DLC is on its Way

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chris-littlechild - November 18, 2014

We might have the spangly new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and less-spangly-new-but-still-newer-than-this-effer Destiny entertaining us, but let's spare a thought for Battlefield 4.

The game's first birthday has just passed, a year's worth of sweet, sweet firearm-centric violence behind it. But you know what that means. Video game life spans are fleeting. It's at the ‘send it to a home and get bitched at for failing to visit it as often as you should,' twilight stage of life.

Still, you know what else that means. One final desperate clawing at our cashtacular from the developers. Which is to say, a DLC swansong. Prepare your eyes, ears and other bodily orifices for the Final Stand content pack.

Fancy-ass Premium Members can get their download on from tomorrow. For the rest of us lowly hobos, it's a wait for the December 2 general release. But either way, there's a whole freaking lot of war about to go down. For all you need to know about this grand Russian adventure, hit IGN's roundup.

Godspeed, Battlefield 4. let's hope you finish a little more gracefully than you started. Bugs-amundo.

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