Kara Del Toro Does the Stanky Leg!

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Echo Lawrence - June 15, 2020

“Who’s Next” is the newest TikTok trend that has celebs everywhere joining in and doing their best stanky leg dance moves. Remember that move from 2009’s hit song Stanky Legg by GS Boyz? As it turns out the TikTok trend was actually taken from a show called Hip Hop Harry where kids doing some dancing freestyles, one kid got on stage and did this move, Gen Z found it and ran with it creating this entire TikTok craze that has Kara Del Toro in her bikini busting down.


Probably going to delete this later because CRINGE 😂@alexgeorgy @adamjalper ##cringe ##gogo ##fyp ##foryou ##lol

♬ original sound - itskshizzle

Here are some more attempts at the challenge!

Shay Mitchell


Can you guess who has actual work to do? ##whosnext

♬ original sound - itskshizzle

Loren Gray


we said ↩️go😌👑👀 go✨🧚‍♀️💘😗 go🙈😋😔✊🏻😌

♬ original sound - itskshizzle

Natalie Mariduena


No one saw that right?

♬ original sound - itskshizzle

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