Now We Know When ‘Resident Evil 4’ Hits Xbox One and PS4

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chris-littlechild - July 8, 2016

  Oh, Resident Evil 4, you controversial bastard you. On the one hand, you’re talking about one of the most critically-acclaimed games of the 2000s, if not just generally. You won’t find many Best Video Games of All Time™ lists sans this bad boy. So why is there still so much bitching about it, over a decade since the original release? 

Because being a great game and being a great Resident Evil game are very different things. When Leon and his floppy boyband-ass hair cruised through rural Europe, taking pitchforks through the scrote from angry farmers, the series was (apparently forever) changed. This is where the shift from legit survival horror to guntastic TPS began.

Still, it pulled off the transition a lot better than Evils 5 and 6 did. Some diehard fans of the franchise even rate it super highly, and you know how these guys can be with change.

The game was originally GameCube exclusive, but has since been rereleased and ported several damn times. So, what with all the remasters coming to Xbox One and PS4, you could bet your ass that Resident Evil 4 was coming to current gen too. This was confirmed as part of this year’s 20th anniversary of the series celebration, but now Capcom have dropped a release date for us.

The games’ appearances on PSN and the Xbox Store have been working backwards, one a month. 6 and 5 are already up for current-gen download, and now we know the last of the trilogy hits on August 30. Look forward to owning this damn game yet again, if you’re anything like me.  

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