Madelaine Petsch is Sightless!

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Echo Lawrence - October 12, 2020

A few weeks ago Madelaine Petsch posted some selfies that showed her wearing special effects makeup to appear as though she had been beat up. I assumed it was something to do with her currently filming Riverdale because she's back in Vancouver with the rest of the cast and shooting has already started. It turns out the busted face selfie was actually a throwback from when she was filming this new movie called Sightless.

Sightless is about a girl named Ellen (Madelaine) who is attacked one night and is left blind from the attack. The plot thickens when Ellen looks to hire a personal support worker to help her adjust to her new blind life, but she fears that the assailant is also back in her life trying to terrorize her. Spooky! The movie is out now on Amazon Prime and you can see the trailer below!