Charlotte Lawrence The Cosmo Girl!

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Echo Lawrence - October 21, 2020

Charlotte Lawrence has been busy this quarantine, she tested positive for COVID-19 early on and ended up self isolating in her new home for something like 50 days. While isolating, the 20 year old shot a music video for her song called Slow Motion, with known celeb photographer Tyler Shields which she said was freeing in a new interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

"I’m so used to being on set with a million people and so many opinions. But as much as I love and respect all the pros, it was really empowering to do this by ourselves and be in total creative control."

Charlotte spoke the magazine via phone from the comfort of her bed and talks about how buying her fist home and this year in general has made her grow up. Read the entire interview here!

"I also bought a house this year and I’m living on my own for the first time, so getting used to that. I feel like a true adult. My big thing these days is dishes. Before the night ends, I have to do the dishes. I can’t leave them in the sink. My parents are shocked."