Noah Cyrus Smokes Weed!

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Echo Lawrence - November 19, 2020

Miley's little sister Noah Cyrus has been up to a lot recently, she's had quarantine parties with Diplo, recorded a MTV Unplugged set with Miley singing her new song called I Got So High That I Saw Jesus, which brings us to our next point....

Noah Cyrus smokes a lot of weed. She's also one of those girls who shows off how much weed she smokes, which could have something to do with being supplied with free weed in exchange for social media coverage. But most of the time, Noah is just smoking a lot of weed, being herself and filming it for us to enjoy.

Here she is giving Lana Del Ray some love in a new video featuring Lana's song "Venice Bitch" while swinging on a tree swing in a gold two piece and matching headband, all while smoking a Backwood filled with Kush. We love us some stoner gurlz!


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