Katharine McPhee Showing Off her Moves!

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Echo Lawrence - May 27, 2020

Katharine McPhee, everyone's favorite American idol, is rocking a fun cameltoe as she does this silly twerking dance on TikTok. It's the Chinese Spyware App that taps into every woman's inner stripper, or maybe it's every woman's inner back-up dancer, or maybe it's every woman's broadway performer. I mean I guess it taps into the inner "anyone getting paid to dance". Which when written out sounds ridiculous, but people are having fun with it, and as a dude, I'm having fun watching it.

Dancing, as silly a concept as it is, is a sensual thing. The way they move their hips and hump the air, especially when married to a geriatric, who may not look geriatric, especially under ALL that money he's accumulated, which is obvious the default thought when a young babe who looks hot as hell ends up with an old guy, but in some cases age is really just a number and being in your 70s, you'd probably want a young hot thing to keep you on your toes. It's a whatever works situation, and I know if I was in it, part of that work would include watching some dancing!

Here she is doing a TikTok trend where you stumble into a catwalk model strut: