Shanna Moakler Might be Aging in Reverse!

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Tex Hollywood - June 16, 2020

Remember Shanna Moakler? I mean how could you forget her, she had a super public relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker that ended in divorce and has a 20 year old daughter with Oscar De La Hoya, who by the way is totally stunning just like her mother.

Anyway Shanna is now 45 years old and has been mending a leg injury for the last few months, but it looks like having a cast on her leg didn’t stop her from sticking to her fitness routines and getting absolutely shredded for summer. In her newest snap, the former Miss USA looks like she could be aging in reverse, or just has a really great dermatologist…

  • Bando says:

    Maybe she’s born with it. maybe it’s Photoshop.

  • Gio says:

    I watched the show a couple years ago where she tried to make her daughter a model & she did not look like this. Granted she’s lost weight since then but she looked 40ish then and Generally when most people hit 40’s and choose a skinny body it shows age in thgeir face. So many keep an extra 10-20lbs to have the fuller youthful face

  • Sadie says:

    She’s already admitted to a plastic surgery “Mommy makeover” so it’s not like she put in the actual work for that body.

  • Blair says:

    15 year old face, but 45 year old hands!!!

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