Kim Kardashian Shows a Little Boob to Remind You of What You Like About Her

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bill-swift - October 2, 2013

Kim Kardashian might be on hiatus from the game while she struggles against family genetics through exercise and starvation to lose her baby weight, but she still knows the cameras are rolling, so she gave us a little something something of a boob peek while out in Paris, just to keep us remembering why anyone who's not a 15-year old girl with low test scores would put up with her in the first place.

I guess it worked as I'm now kind of missing Kim Kardashian of old. And, by old, I mean when she used to be half-nekkid a lot. We do miss that part and hope to see it again one day soon. Like all the Kardashians, when she doesn't speak, there's something to be said for her good looks. Enjoy.