Barbie Ferreira’s New Abortion Movie!

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Echo Lawrence - August 18, 2020

Barbie Ferreira is Sydney Sweeney’s co-star over on HBO’s Euphoria. She plays a girl named Kat who is part of the main crew of high school girls who experiment with drugs and sexuality, it’s a great show. Barbie just wrapped this new movie called Unpregnant which is about an underage girl, played by Haley Lu Richardson, who heads off on a road trip to get an abortion a few states over, Barbie plays the quirky friend who the girl can trust to go with her. I love road trip movies, and as a woman I love abortion, sorry to say to the pro lifer’s but sometimes a life is not meant to be brought into this fucked up world, ok!? So I have high hopes for this movie, it looks alright! Here’s the trailer:

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