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Kim Kardashian Bikini Picture Shoot Stripped Down in Chilly Malibu

Kim Kardashian in a bikini shoot? It’s odd, but this is something we simply don’t see very often given all the massive amounts of Kim photography daily. The now blonde E! starlet and world famous something or other took to the chilly beach of Malibu for a straight up bikini on the rock shoots for an outlet that I can only imagine is paying through the nose. Or is that teeth? Either way, lots of zeros.

Love her or not so much, Kim Kardashian remains one of the most famous curvaceous women in the world. It’s simply indisputable. Everybody wants a piece of Kim, even people who just want a piece for a few precious moments in a supply closet. There’s the allure. Seeing Kim returning to her roots, well, not hair roots, but you know, bikini shoots, it’s kind of making me wistful. Also horny, I often get the two feelings quite confused. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian Cleavy Peeks And Major Booty In Pants

Let’s play my favorite game, what is Kim Kardashian wearing and how much skin is she showing? What was on display in this particular black number is those legendary funbags. Sweet mother of crap her boobs are amazing. Like, top three best racks around these days. My favorite part is that she hates to wear bras and loves to be naked. But that’s not all, folks. Because the pants are super duper tight we also get to admire Kim’s other famous feature: that booty. Is it the greatest butt in history? It’s definitely up there. Her only competition is her sister Khloe and J-Lo. Luckily, we don’t have to choose one caboose to admire. We can love them all equally.

A lot of people give Kim K crap for being the way she is. Not me. She is who she is and she doesn’t pretend to be something she’d not. She’s just Kim with the big boobs and butt and she likes to strut around half-naked.

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Kim Kardashian Arm Bra For Reality TV

What is a day without Kim Kardashian‘s boobs? Not a day I want to live through. The thing that I know for absolute certainty when I wake up in the morning is that I will see her boobs at some point during the day. It’s as unavoidable as the dawn. During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim used only her arm to cover her legendary boobs. But how can her thin little arm be enough to properly conceal ta-tas of that caliber? It can’t. Which is why you get cleavage, under, and sideboob galore. Her sisters may have some hot aspects but she has them beat as far as her chi chis goes.

If I had known that Kim was going to be flashing funbags I would get cable again so I can watch her dumb show. That’s worth a half-hour of my time.

Photo Credit: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” E!

Kim Kardashian Big Cleavage As a Busty Blonde in the City of Light

If Kim Kardashian isn’t ogle worthy, does she still exist? This is a riddle for the ages that we’ll probably never have the practical means to answer. Kim isn’t showing up to Fashion Week in Paris without some kind of plan to get more attention that the rest of the chic celebrity denizen. This time, how about blonde hair and a big set of yams visible through her see-through dress. That’s the ticket.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, only keep the bad words away from children, but this woman knows how to get the cameras and the eyeballs pointed in her direction. She’s not boring, looking at least. They don’t pay the big bucks to the quiet mouse and there’s lots of competition. So curves and ta-ta’s and striking hair in revealing wardrobe is going to help pay the rent. Especially when your rent is like $60,000 a month. Jeans and a hoodie won’t cut it. I’ll take this gift horse without looking in her mouth, thank you kindly. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian Latex Covered Lady Curves Dine With Madonna

When Kim Kardashian and Madonna get together for a little chow time in London, you can bet there’s going to be latex, fur, and nylons. And that’s just on the sex dolls they bring along with them in the cabs.

The two mega stars, both famous in their own way for their brazen sexuality, one with a number of number one hits as a kicker, were absolutely going to make sure they got noticed by the British paparazzi in their finest of wares. Kim’s plastic skin tight dress was something straight out of the comic books, well, the comic books you’d hide underneath your mattress. And Madonna, well, just the fact she can walk after her big stage tumble the other night is something of a miracle. She holds her own when given a little prep time. Unlike as many had predicted, the world did not end when these two got together. Albeit Kim’s globes did look about ready to explode. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Kim Kardashian Big Busty Cleavage In A See Through Bodysuit While In London

Every day I wake up and wonder what level of nekkid Kim Kardashian will be sporting. She rarely disappoints. Last night’s selection was a see-through bodysuit thing with more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Never one to shy away from revealing some skin, you could see copious amounts of those legendary ta-tas. What can I say about Kim’s jubblies that hasn’t been said before? They defy words, but I try anyway to write about them. One day, I will write an epic poem about them. It will be the Iliad of today only instead of it being about a war it will just be about Kim’s boobage. And her booty, lest we forget that perfect model of buttdom. I sometimes pretend my pillow is her booty when I snuggle into it to go to sleep at night.

But I digress. Some people say they are sick of seeing Kim naked. Those people are wrong. There is no getting sick of that body.

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Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian, Nekkid Ass Battle

With the current feud going down between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian clan, I thought I’d jump in the only way I know how, by showing off pictures of each’s bare ginormous backside allures and letting you decide who has the more faptastic fanny. It’s a crude version of Solomon’s wisdom I prefer to follow.

Say what you will about these backside on these two women, they’ve both made their living from or on their dumpers. So I’m going to call this officially relevant to their ongoing feud over the little rapper they both still pine for. Go figure. And leer. Definitely leer. Enjoy.

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