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Kim Kardashian Is Massively Boobtacular And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Kim Kardashian interviews with her boobs half hanging out. (TMZ)

Jessica Alba gives me a zen feeling in my pants while meditating in a bikini. (WWTDD)

Lady Gaga does yoga in a thong because Lady Gaga. (Huffington Post)

Taylor Swift‘s booty and lady mound look amazing. (Drunken Stepfather)

Hilary Duff is leggy in short shorts. (Popoholic)

Mia Khalifa is super hot, I can see why Drake likes her. (The Superficial)

Daisy Lowe‘s funbags are more of a masterpiece than the Sistine Chapel. (COED)

Adrianne Curry Bare Booty, Kim Kardashian Fur Bikini, Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid in a Tub Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Well hello there, social media landscape filled with the visual wonderments published by the audience loving sextastic celebrities themselves. My how you’ve grown, in just the past few weeks and months. More skin, more photos, more delicious selfies and candids of the women who make a good chunk of their living by being super hot. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when they love to share.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup features Kim Kardashian flashing cleavage in her new fur bikini, Emily Ratajkowski not wearing any clothes in a tiny outdoor tub, Adrianne Curry flexing her bare backside for the selfie, Kelly Brook chesty workouts, Anna Kournikova in a return to bikini candids, Selena Gomez boudoir posing, and much much more. You own it to your deflated balls to psi each and every one of these truly hot social media shares into your libido. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

Kim Kardashian Sexy Swimsuits For Vogue Australia

Kim Kardashian isn’t giving up her title as one of the most requested to be photographed women by the major magazines. Say what you will of Kim, some of it not that pleasant, but every editor at every fashion and style magazine wants hot photos of Kim in their magazine, or better yet, on their cover. She moves copies even as she moves the loins of men in her direction. Save the pretend games for when you’re speaking in public spaces. She’s got a curvy allure that has been working for a while now.

Kim’s latest appearance is on the pages of Vogue Australia. She spends a good deal of time pimping her family name Down Under, making her one of the most sought after celebrity names in that country. Everybody wants to see Kim in a bathing suit, her body literally made for such exhibition. She doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bit more glamorous than how we’re often used to seeing Kim, but, let her have her moment in the sun and just watch. There’s always time down the road for the negative stuff. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Australia

Kim Kardashian Shows Lots Of Cleavage While Out To Dinner In NYC

Ah, Kim Kardashian. Every day I wake up and wonder what new delights you will bring me from the night before and you rarely disappoint. In these pics she is wearing a plunging neckline dress that shows off her yum yums. As per usual, Kim is not wearing a bra so you can see all the cleav. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Kim has one of the most recognizable boobs on the planet. If you removed all context clues around a picture and just showed her cleavage and asked people who they thought it was I bet most people would guess Kim. They are as iconic and American a landmark as Mt. Rushmore. In fact, I think we need to carve her boobies into a mountain to commemorate them for all time. Some things are worth preserving.

It looks like her and Kanye were on their way to dinner when these pics were taken. I wonder if she ever spills on herself and then is relieved because since there is no clothing anywhere on her chest the outfit won’t be ruined?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Kim Kardashian Boobtastic 2014: A Look Back At the Cleavetastic Money Makers

And the stroll down mammary lane continues with a year in review of Kim Kardashian racktastic. Perhaps nobody makes more money off her curvaceous female form than Kim Kardashian. You could try listing her other talents, but many have tried and failed to take pen to paper in any meaningful manner. Nope, that $100 million empire is built off top and bottom curves, the former of which she hardly let slow up in this year even of the first baby pushing.

Have ta-ta’s will travel. Kim knows exactly how her bread gets buttered and what the gentleman oglers will go premium on. Smart or dumb is kind of a moot point when somebody’s still winning on the scoreboard. Give it up for a year’s worth of Kim Kardashian cleavetastic. I’m certain there’s a bare nugget(s) in here somewhere as well. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Tight Dress, Mega Dumper, It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like a Kardashian Christmas

If you’re going to visit the laser center, you might as well show the doc where you might need a little sculpting. It’s always helpful when you show up in a dress ready for work. Kim Kardashian is nothing if not thoughtful, well, also ridiculously curvy in a way that she doesn’t exactly hide in a skintight dress, adjusting her various curves beneath.

The most successful Kardashian took her petite, but anything but petite, hourglass figure to the streets of Beverly Hills to cause many men to crank their necks to the point of needing their own doctors. If there’s anything you can say abut Kim Kardashian, she’s an attention getter, from head to toe and all swelling parts betwixt. Admit it, you’d be disappointed if she started wearing muumuus. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kim Kardashian Deep Cleavage and Alessandra Ambrosio Long Legs Highlight the ACRIA Holiday Dinner

Anything for a good cause. Tis the season for charitable events, including the ACRIA dinner which raised money for AIDS research and hosted a number of decked out celebrities last night, most notably Kim Kardashian and her Yuletide deep deep cleavage and Alessandra Ambrosio and her Pilates toned all over show-off mommy body, everyone looking like a million damn dollars of lady fine.

I can’t even bust on Kim and her massive bust when she’s putting it to use for noble work. Suffice it to say, no charity has ever been damaged by the presence of sextastic celebrities in barely there dresses gracing their red carpet. If only I could get some positive responses to my Bill Needs a Sponge Bath annual charitable gala. So far, only Mickey Rourke has RSPVed leaving me feeling more nervous than hopeful. Just beautiful girls, please. Enjoy.

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