Ambyr Childers Workout Inspo!

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Tex Hollywood - July 21, 2020

Ambyr Childers is the 32 year old actress that you know as Susan Atkins in Aquarius, Ashley Rucker in Ray Donovan and Candace Stone in You . Now you know her for her sweaty workout in her sports bra!

I think images of people being fit, who look this fit, in a hot outfit is great to motivate all you COVID slackers to get up off the couch! All studies say your daily step counts are down, even though this is prime time to do squats all day.

I know that those of you who still have a job are busy finding new ways to slack because this work from home thing has been a whole new challenge to stay motivated and to not treat every day like a Sunday, but more importantly, to find new ways to convince people that you are actually working, something far easier to fake when you were physically at the office.

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