Rita Ora Lipstick and Sneakers!

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Echo Lawrence - April 30, 2020

Rita Ora took to her selfie cam and shot some pics of her bright colored sneakers. I am sure this will get some of you sneaker collectors, or sneaker heads as you liked to be called very excited. I mean a hot girl in sneakers those could very well be two of your favorite things.

She posted it with this caption:

I started working out then I put on red lipstick and bright coloured trainers and this happened. me posing? Never.

I've never really understood the sneaker collectors or that whole movement for anyone over the age of 20, but it exists! I have understood Rita Ora or at least her selfies which I think she's very talented at.

If anything, since I've never heard any of her music despite being a popstar, I'd say it's time to cut her losses and drop the whole music thing. You know focus on what works, hot pics of her hot body being hot! I am sure she's got some level of talent with her singing, I mean she did get signed and all that, but the pics of her are what really matter!

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