Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee Tight Dress and Long Legs Nominated for Peeper’s Choice

Look, the People’s Choice Awards are annually considered to be the dumbest among the dumb celebrity Award shows in season. There is some stiff competition for that nod, but given how they basically get teens in shoe stores to text their picks among marketing staff selected potential nominees makes the People’s Choice Awards into basically the fourteen year old girl OMG he’s so cute awards. That being said, well, Katharine McPhee in a super short tight dress. Wow.

Katharine was on hand at the People’s Choice Awards nomination something or other in Beverly Hills. Hollywood media loves award season and wishes it could be all year round, so they basically invented a bunch of pre-award season events to make that dream a reality. And Katharine McPhee showed up looking like one million leg and booty dollars. Damn, Katharine, you seem to be taking to newly single life with some tremendous aplomb. Good on you. I don’t think I’m allowed to vote, but if I could, I’d pull the level for you. I’m simulating such as we speak. Enjoy.

Katharine McPhee Bikini Candids Hot and Shiny Down Mexico Way

Katharine McPhee may not be celebrating her recent divorce following her cheating scandal, but she’s definitely recuperating in the manner we most appreciate, a nice showy bikini vacation down in Cabo where our camera men line the palm trees waiting for the unfurling of the hotties.

We haven’t seen Katharine revealing such copious amounts of skin in some time. It’s leeringly nice to see that Katharine still has it going on on and, not skinny slender like some of the models we peek, but definitely all curvy woman and stretched tight in her shiny hugging bikini. I’d like to shiny hug, Katharine. I can do it while whispering sweet Spanish cancions into her ear. I really only know three, and they’re all drinking songs, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate the thought.

Katharine, it’s time for rebound sex. Let me be your backboard. Charge hard, bikini clad hottie. Enjoy.

Coachella Roundup: Katharine McPhee Bikinis, Katy Perry Cleavage, Tallulah Willis Crotch Shots

I no longer begrudge people who attend Coachella every year, because even though the annual music festival has gone from indie to corporate sell-out-supreme, everybody who goes seems to have a good time, and who am I to piss on someone else’s party. Unless they’re celebrities, then fair game, both the sextastic sightings at the concert and the general observation that the festival has become a giant pimp fest for celebrity couples who look entirely out of place, even roaming the V.I.P. restricted areas.

Celebrities just don’t do pop culture events well. Their wardrobe assistants don’t know how to dress them, they don’t handle their booze and drugs well when not being the wheel of their imported sports cars, and they can’t keep rhythm.

Still, there was Katharine McPhee in a bikini, even though technically she was at a Palm Springs corporate party fifteen miles away, she certainly was our highlight of Coachella. And, along with a bunch of celebs in bikini tops such as Katy Cocktease, the Willis Sisters, and Francesca Eastwood, they made the weekend outdoor event visually palatable. Enjoy.

Katharine McPhee And Her Almost Chestal Peeks Are Vastly Underrated

I could spend my entire life trying to bring underrated hotties their due, and I kind of intend to do so, among them, Katharine McPhee, who you almost never see on magazine Top Hottest lists, at least not anywhere close to the upper tiers, and this is some kind of horrific human tragedy of overlooking proportions.

Almost flashing a peek into her delicious chest outside a Fashion Week event, Katharina McPhee, even in far too many clothes, reminds me why even though I’d never watch her show, or much of her on-air endeavors, I still have lusted her hard since my unusual friend Clay made me watch her on American Idol several years ago, rightfully predicting through his basic instincts, that she would someday be on an uber-fappable list of fresh new stars. He was half-right. Fappable for sure, but not nearly appreciated enough. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara Lead List of Hotties at the Met Museum of Art Costume Gala

Now, the last time I got invited to a costume party, I attended the event dressed as one of the members of the Teletubbies, so you can imagine how long ago that way, like three or four years now. And I somehow didn’t receive my invitation to the more prestigious, celebrity A-list only Metropolitan Museum of Art annual Costume Gala, that brings out essentially every single top tier star in Hollywood to this swank N.Y.C. dress up event. I bet they’re not serving up Gino’s Pizza Rolls in that shindig.

While not invited, we still get the benefit of seeing this amazing plethora of sextastic celebs, of which we picked our 15 or so favorites, led by the likes of the super busty hot Scarlett Johansson, ever red carpet stealing Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz looking especially bosomy protruding, and Anja Rubik in a dress you will not soon forget, just to name a few.

Check them all out and see who you think would make your hottest virtual prom date. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Hayden Panettiere Camel Toe, Emily O’Hare Topless, Mariska Hargitay Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Hayden Panettiere Cameltoe White Bikini
Click to See Uncensored

Oh, sure, Communism got a bad rap, and the communal piss-pot, well, that was an ill-conceived notion from the get-go. And don’t even get me started on probation related community service along the roadside. The point is, while many communal dreams end up being painful realities, not so with our weekly Reader Finds, where the entirety of the skintastic Zion we call Egotastic! comes together to share bits and pieces of celebrity hotness. Since 1927, there’s been nothing finer on the Internet.

This week’s Reader Finds is as eclectic as it is, well, just steamy hot, including Hayden Panettiere camel toe, WAG Emily O’Hara topless, Law & Order star Mariska Hargitay unclad, Sophie Howard flashing her twin winners, Miley Cyrus flashing some bra in real life, as well as Katherine McPhee, Elisha Cuthbert, and Holly Earl all flashing bras on their TV shows, Helen Flanagan revealing upskirt, Leven Rambin nipslip, Micaela Schaeffer sideboob modeling, Sara Jean Underwood sexy swimsuit, Valerie Van Der Graff photoshoot topless, Nina Agdal lingerie awesomeness, and Lucy Pinder in some behind the scenes topless wonderment. It’s all so very good.

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Katharine McPhee Behind the Scenes of Her GQ Lingerie Photoshoot, Yep, She’s Smoking Hot (VIDEO)

(UPDATE: Video stills from behind the scenes of Katharine’s photoshoot removed at request of GQ. To see more of Katharine McPhee, check out her library page on Egotastic!)

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There’s a large army of Katharine McPhee lusters out there, we know this, we can sense it, on certain days with the right wind conditions, we can even smell it (though we prefer just to sense it. And, quite understandable, the former American Idol contestant and star of the new TM musical show, Smash, which is like Glee, only possibly even more gay, if that is an actually perceivable measurement with current measurement technology,

Nevertheless, it’s created need for promotion, and trying to find guys, any guys, to watch this show. Hence, putting the sextastic Katharine in GQ magazine, where she can be properly adored and virtually undressed by millions of male oglers. 

In this behind the scenes video, you get a good solid almost-taste of the power of the McPhee when it comes to cranking men’s necks sharply in her direction. Like magic, but more real. Enjoy.