Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice and Vanessa Hudgens All Dolled Up? Yes, Please!

I’m not exactly sure how it’s Fashion Week again in New York, I’m pretty sure they now have one about thirty-seven times a year, which would be hella annoying save for the fact that these events do bring out some of our favorite little lust-inducing celebrities, including ones we rarely get to see anymore, including the often-gone, but never forgotten, Victoria Justice, in just about the raciest thing you’ll ever see her wear (which isn’t very racy at all, but Victoria typically does dress akin to a burqa from the conservative burqa line). And when you throw in the fact that her little pal, sweet treat Vanessa Hudgens joined her in pimping some clothing line or another in fancy style, well, we now have something that a man dragged along to Fashion Week could really sink his peeps into.

We do so miss Victoria Justice and what might have been, or, maybe, what someday will become, as Victoria Justice has ever so slowly, slowly, slowly, been showing a bit more skin of late, as at the Teen Vogue Awards last week when we caught some serious legs…

…but Victoria really needs to speed it up. So much passion potential, but being the most innocent woman in America isn’t exactly the job we had wished for her to seek out after turning eighteen. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Leggy at Teen Vogue 10th Anniversary in NYC

The More Proper Victoria Justice Becomes, the More Improper Our Thoughts Become

While many of us have been disappointed with just how G-rated uber-hottie teen Nick star Victoria Justice continues to appear even well after her barely legal birthday we waited so long for, well, I like to take the glass-is-half-full take on the entire state of innocence. Perhaps Victoria is just covering up some kind of super freaky deaky private life of cosplay, chains, disturbing things with Nilla wafers, that will ultimately surface and make us all say, ‘Damn, that girl’s crazy’ but in the way a guy says that when he wonders what it might be like to be in the middle of that crazy.

In sophisticated red at the Teen Nick HALO event, Victoria Justice once again showed all the hope and hotness we’ve built up in her leggy little frame. Would we like to peel that dress of her body with our bare teeth while Motley Crue plays epically in the background? Oh, sure, yes, definite yes. But, for now, we’re biding our time while we await the naughty librarian to slip up. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Flashes A Little Something Something and Some Fun Size Legs Too

Chalk it up, fellow Victoria Justice lusters. This may be the least amount of clothing Victoria has worn out in public since the day she came into this world.

Our passion inducing G-rated princess who never seems to be without four to eleven layers of protective wardrobe to keep her body from sin hit the red carpet last night for the premiere of her Halloween kid comedy, Fun Size, and while it’s highly unlikely you’ll go to the depths of depravity we do here at Egotastic! by sitting in the back row of this film this weekend, you can at least revel in the little yellow number Victoria wore to the premiere, flashing little bits of skin front and back and some of her Nickelodeon not-so-naughty legs. Ah, visions of Victoria without clothes quickly danced through our heads. But when is that not what’s dancing in our heads? Enjoy.

Victoria Justice, Tight Jeans, It Doesn’t Get Any More Justicey

As you know, we have a problem with Victoria Justice. A very big problem.

We can’t help but lusting in our hearts and other organs for the Nickelodeon teen star, but she simply refuses to ever get grown up and naughty, even after passing her barely legal status well over a year ago. No, nada nada. Nothing. Nunca. We get zilch in the way of racy photos or appearances or grown up showy looks or any type of mature womanly allures. And she could do so so much with what she has. OMFG.

So, our Victoria policy is take what you can get, and when the brunette super babe shows up in tight jeans, yes, we are taking, Taking in with visual receptors, all the goodness that this slender hottie has to offer. But, still, in the back of our minds, wanting so much more. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice, Phoebe Tonkin, and Sarah Hyland Teen Hot at Vogue’s Teen Hollywood Party

Technically, I think Victoria Justice is the only teen among the trio, and even at that she hits the big 2-0 come February, but still hard to deny the youthful exuberance and sextastic on display last night at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood party. We have to give it up to Teen Vogue, personally, we’ve been trying for years to come up with a ruse to get tons of nubile Hottieville residents to get decked out and show up to our place for some fake awards and such.

Nevertheless, show they did, and in addition to Victoria Justice, who has broken our hearts a bit by refusing to ever show anything flesh-wise worthy of an independently wealthy 19-year old in Hollywood, we got to feast our peepers upon Aussie hottie Phoebe Tonkin and ever preciously perky Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, American Idol contestant Pia Toscano, and hottie pop music girl, Jo-Jo Levesque. Now, that’s a party. A teen party. A hot teen party with pillows and spankings and… okay, got a bit carried away there. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice, Kari Byron, Ariana Grande, and Padma Lakshmi Headline Hotness at Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Talk about some of the biggest names in nerd boy lust-dom — Kari Byron flashing leg and body and all decked out, doubly so for Ariana Grande, cooking mega-sextastic Padma Lakshmi, iCarly diva-ette Miranda Cosgrove, Malin Akerman, Victoria Justice, Jenner Morrison. Damn, the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, whatever the heck they are, brought out some serious PG-rated girls flashing decked out exhibitions on the red carpet over the weekend.

It was like a parade designed specifically to send fanboys rushing to their basements to takes a first crack at their No-Drip technology gallons o’ lotion dispensers. I guess that’s the creative arts part of the equation. Enjoy.