Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice Demands Justice For Her Leaked Cellphone Pictures

First, let’s all agree, that these two leotard pictures of Victoria Justice, while quite hot for this G-rated starlet, are about the tamest photos ever to be hacked and leaked from a celebrity cellphone. That is if these photos were hacked and leaked as Victoria Justice claims on Twitter; there really is no independent proof of this we’ve seen yet. I mean, we’ve all made up a few good ones as teens as to how the big dent on the front fender of mom’s car occurred. Hacked and leaked sounds like a solid excuse, never something we did.

Still, it’s glorious just to have the star of Victorious confirm these photos were are real and really candid. An while Victoria has vowed to track the perps of this heinous act to the ends of the earth, we can only express slight disappointment that the good-girl front Victoria displays publicly turns out to be the case behind the scenes as well, at least according to her ‘shocking stolen photos’. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Body Suit, Danni Minogue Busty Bikini, and Ireland Baldwin Doggy Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Just on an immediate note: the Victoria Justice body suit photo remains somewhat ‘unconfirmed’ as to authenticity. It surely looks kind of sort of real, but its origins are still a tad bit under investigation, so don’t cry me a river if you find out in a week that you’ve been spending quality time alone with this photo and it turns out to be somewhat doctored. That being said, on with the show…

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Danni Minogue looking busty bikini hot, Rihanna being teasy, Ireland Baldwin flashing her newly professional bikini model body, Jessica Alba in a bikini with friends, Emily Osment in an oddly filtered bikini pic, and much much more. You owe it to the hot mole above Cindy Crawford’s lip that you’ve wanted to lick for years now to check out each and every one of these photos. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Smoking Hot and Showing Skin

It’s never enough with Victoria Justice, but with Victoria Justice, it’s always something you need to see.

The 20-year old Nickelodeon star showed more skin than usual, a bit grown up for the G-rated princess, at an H&M Party on the Sunset Strip, where Victoria came well short of our long time fantasy of seeing her strip herself, but cleavage from Victoria is a rare and beautiful thing. We never look a gift horse in the mouth. But if it’s hot, we look everywhere else. And Victoria is one fine filly.

That’s not objectification, that’s adoration. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Going on Tour

Perhaps there’s no finer example of our barely legal disappointment than what has become of brunette hottie Victoria Justice since become a woman. It’s not that we expect every girl to throw off the shackles of proper female raising when they come of age, it’s just that anybody who’s ever spent time around college dorms knows that girls can and do get every bit as unbridled in their late teen years as boys. But not Victoria Justice, who seems quite content sitting under the cork tree in her G-rated persona. Alas,

But, hope springs eternal, as does hotness, and we combine the two in our continued ogling of the sweet starlet and at least her legs, as she is willing to show them, on stage in her announcement yesterday that she’s going on summer tour with Big Time Rush. Which I suppose means something to screaming young girls. But we mostly just want to see Victoria Justice skin. Then I will personally scream louder than 10,000 young girls. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez Do the 20-Year Old Hot Little Leg Show on Separate Coasts

Victoria Justice took L.A. and the IHeartRadio promotional event as the chance to show off her gams. And with the hottie, but ever so innocent Victoria Justice, the stems may be all you ever see. But such is the nature of the Relative Law of Sextastic; as in, with your favorite looking celebrities, you take what you can get and you smother it in your drool and prurient dreams.

While across the country in N.Y., Selena Gomez was flashing her own taut legs as she prepared to go on The David Letterman Show to pimp Spring Breakers and remind the world that she’s okay without her 120-lb anchor in tow any longer. And she looked mighty fine doing so. And if you see Selena in Spring Breakers, you’ll have even more respect/passion for the little Latina minx. Albeit, not necessarily her acting chops. Enjoy.

Did Nobody Else See The Arrow Pointing Down on Victoria Justice’s Dress?

Sure, Freud might call this wishful thinking, or something more profound along those lines, but am I the only one seeing hot now 20-year old Victoria Justice with an arrow on her fancy frock pointing right to the source of her heavenly goodness?

Shit, maybe I am. But now you are too, admit it. It’s not that we oglers don’t have a predilection for staring toward those yonder parts regardless, but with the arrow on the dress Victoria wore out over the weekend to her 20th birthday party celebration literally marking the ultimate X on the Victoria Justice treasure map, well I keep thinking Victoria must be sending some kind of signal here. Maybe that signal is ‘you wish, but you’ll never have’, but in my mind it’s already happened twice or thrice, so this could prove to be a battle of the naughty wills. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Legs Could Save the World, One Lucky Groper at a Time

Not sure what’s up with Victoria Justice of late, but the recently birthday’d 20-year old alluring starlet has been going all kinds of PG-rated showy, casting off her G-rated non-form fitting burqa type clothes and actually showing skin. Not as much as we would like, of course, but with a girl like Victoria, it’s all about the anticipation I suppose (although, let’s be honest, at some point, if the stripper doesn’t take that top off, the sailors start to riot).

At last night’s Lovegold event in Hollywood, Victoria flashed a healthy amount of bare leg in a form fitting little number that fit her form as we would with our hands and thoraxes if we had the opportunity, as in our dreams. Victoria reminded us once more that even though she’s been a real disappointment in the exhibitionism department since turning eighteen, there’s still so so so much potential behind that innocent front. Enjoy.