Victoria Justice Busts Out At Maybelline Party In NYC

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brian-mcgee - February 12, 2018

The thing about Victoria Justice that I've always liked is that she's always looked mature. So many child stars start their careers looking like children and then just sort of become baby-faced adults which I've always found to be unsettling. Not Victoria, though. She's looked wise beyond her years since she was a teenager on Nickelodeon, and it's made her transition to adulthood all the more incredible!

The former Victorious star made a splash at the Maybelline Party in NYC over the weekend, showing off some absolutely astounding cleavage in a cut-up dress that looks like the height of fashion mainly due to its barely there composition. Less is in these days and the less clothing there is, the more Victoria skin there is to ogle. That's a winning combination if you ask me!

I look forward to Victoria's continued assent into more adult roles and I hope they do keep them coming. Then again, if her fate is to be a model for the rest of time, so be it. She looks amazing no matter what, so as long as she stays in the collective conscious, I feel like it's a win for everyone across the board!

Photo Credit: Splash News