Victoria Justice

Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Halston Sage Lead List of Hotties at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

Up front let me say, I have no idea who half of the kid-land starlets of today are exactly. It's not exactly as if I'm perusing Nick shows during 'tween hour to get in solid chunks of laugh-track backed junior high comedies. However, my young concubine, the delightful Inez P. Minge, spends most of her days eating bulk licorice and watching Victorious, etc, so I got a bit of the insider's scoop.

At this weekend's Kids' Choice Awards Show, where essentially 12-year old girls pass judgement on what constitutes talent, the usual cast of celebrity characters made their marquee mark on the red carpet and on the stage, and, let's be honest, if 12-year old girls ran the world, we'd be in a shitload of trouble.

Still, the gathering was call to bring together a bunch of Hollywood hotties, young, and a bit older, all dressed in G-rated frocks that showed a lot of leg, but no cleavage, like lip gloss ad girls, cute, but without a hint of sexuality. Included among them were Katy Cocktease, whose team of publicists insist that she's happy, so she must be, Selena Gomez, who can't ever not look hot, Halston Sage, some young sextastic blonde with a made-up name form the Nick stable (and one of the few above 18 in the lineup, so we can actually officially call her 'hot), Ariana GrandeHeidi KlumVictoria JusticeAshley Tisdale, and a bevy of other farm system young model-actress types bursting at the teen seems to breakout into famous starlets. A fine mix of innocent with 'just discovered their naughty side' made for a fun evening. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice and Maria Menounos Form Nearly the Perfect Sextastic Sandwich at The Grove

Missing just the meat, natch.

Talk about the merging of two forces of pure hotness. The PG-rated goodness that is Maria Menounos, host of Extra and Dancing with the Stars contestant, interviewing G-rated frustratingly amazing hotness that is Victoria Justice, my two objects d' lust circling each other in a dance of visual wonderment so purely innocent, that I feel the strong desire to see it corrupted.

When these two visions of beauty started sucking their fingers yesterday at The Grove, honestly, I could feel the tugs of passion from several miles away. Like the most amazing voodoo curse ever. 

These are the girls I want crying over my box when they lay me six feet under. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Steals the Show (and Our Loins) Decked Out at 2012 Brit Awards

I must admit to you, I have little idea what the Brit Awards are, or why Victoria Justice was invited to walk the red carpet. And I could care less. It's been so long since we've seen our brunette teen hottie anywhere, we were jonesing something awful, the office here was beginning to look like the detox room in Trainspotting. No Justice, no peace.

So when we get a chance to see Victoria Justice looking all kinds of grown up hot, we thought it a good time to remind ourselves why we love this super duper innocent young woman so much. Maybe she wears far too many clothes (hardly a maybe), but she is hot enough to still make us very interested. Enjoy.


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Light it Up

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Early Look: Victoria Justice She-Dazzles In Interview Magazine

Whoa and double wow. Our young almost-all-grow'd up hottie Victoria Justice brings an entirely new look in this preview of her pictorial for Interview Magazine, not little Vicky from Nickelodeon any longer, now, just all sleek and sextastic. Like watching a butterfly hatch from its cocoon, only, you know, I'm having very naughty thoughts about this butterfly. I'm told it's natural, just not to mention it in public. Oops. I did it again. Victoria Justice, your hotness must be served. Enjoy.

(Make sure to click in to see the full size photo, the bottom half is killer.)

Heidi Klum and Victoria Justice Bring Some Inter-Generational Hotness to the Nick HALO Awards

The last time Nick Cannon teamed up with anybody, he made Mariah Carey enormously pregnant, so we got a little nervous reading about Nick teaming up with Nickelodeon for the HALO Awards, honoring teens who do good public service. But, it turned out to be a great cause for all, because a number of celebrity hotties showed up to support Nick and Nick in their social honoring, including the MILFtastic Heidi Klum and the young sextastic wunderkind, Victoria Justice, both of whom could give a guy several ideas about how to better their personal communities. Pretty amazing to think that Heidi Klum is old enough to be Victoria Justice's mother, at least in my mom-daughter fantasies where I assure you each evening, Heidi is a very strict head of household, and Victoria is a very naughty girl. Enjoy.