Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice No Underwear At The Elle 6th Annual Women In Music Concert Celebration

If you linger long enough you will feast your eyes upon everything, including today the sight of Victoria Justice on the red carpet without any panties on. Wow, that I did not expect to see, though, as always, have been lighting candles and pleading the tree gods for for years. It’s not exactly the angle I was hoping for, but today I’m not looking this crazy hot brunette commando horse in the mouth, Victoria Justice is beautiful. Victoria Justice without any underwear on in a hot little dress on the red carpet, she’s just mesmerizing.

The event was Elle’s Women in Music Concert Celebration. I have no idea what that is, but it’s the 6th annual, so I guess the first five went well. Joining Victoria on the sextastic strut was a busty Bella Thorne, a luscious Ashley Tisdale, and other young ladies baring some skin for the cause. Why I don’t get these invites, I still don’t know. As if that’s going to stop me from showing up, not when Victoria Justice is commando, my dear friends. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Splash

Dakota Fanning Braless Steals the Sextastic Show at Nylon Young Hollywood Party

Nylon Magazine is among those outlets that hosts a Young Hollywood party every year to celebrate the working youth hotties of Hollywood. Young Hollywood is actually early 20′s Hollywood when hosted by Nylon, as opposed to your teen starlets and Disney machine up and comers. But one thing was clear at the red carpet decked out event, Dakota Fanning stole the show. Certainly Olivia Culpo and Victoria Justice and Jennette McCurdy did themselves right showoff proper, but blonde and cleavy natural hottie Dakota Fanning absolutely owned it. I don’t even know what that means, but it happened.

Dakota and her rising star sister might be the hippiest of chicks in Hollywood, but when they get to turning on the afterburners of allure, man, they really do strike a serious pose. I’m not even sure they know what to do after the pose, it doesn’t matter. Just blonde bits of genetically blessed Nordic princesses. Who also can act up a storm. Good on you, Dakota. Young Hollywood seems to be in good hands. Not quite as good as my hands, but I’ll let my imagination take me where it will. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Kendall Jenner Uncut and Victoria Justice Leather in Leather Shorts (VIDEO)

Yeah, I got my act together this week and actually got this out on Sunday night. I do spend much of my weekends volunteering at the Home for Wayward Teen Girls, so it’s not as if I’m just twiddling my thumbs, though that is what you should say you’re doing on the off chance you get caught leering. The point is, I’ve been watching videos again online and wanted to share a few of my favorites this weekend with you. No foxes nursing cats or skateboard nut punches here. Though I do love both of those. Just a few of the sextastic celebrities we love to see in motion showing off in front of the cameras.

How about an even more intimate look at Kendall Jenner uncut extras from behind the scenes of her epic GQ shoot, a couple hotties in concert baring skin, Victoria Justice and Charli XCX (okay, so not my music, but those girls in concert, wow), and a look at the slinky loveliness that is Amber Seyer, Miss Missouri and the current Mrs. Barry Zito, in little bits of lingerie and one lucky teddy bear. Oh, sure, occasionally I’ll tune in to PBS, but these crazy sextastic lovelies are more akin to my own personal masterpiece theater. Enjoy.

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? (VIDEO)

The question I get asked most frequently is ‘Is there anything I should know about before we search you?’ The second is, ‘Hey, Bill, what are you watching online right now?’. Well, as you know, my work and my personal obsession over which I have no control remains sextastic celebrity females. I figured I’d answer the questions merely by showing  you the last three vids I watched, all of them definitely must-sees, unless you’re a doctor about to cure cancer or know how to beat Kentucky in basketball, you’ve got the time.

Sharing means caring. So care a little bit about Victoria Justice crazy hot and braless sideboob, Nina Agdal pimping two pieces of barely there goodness, and Sylvie Meis and her Dutch girlfriends pushing her Hunkemoller lingerie panties and bras and garters. Hey, you asked what I was watching. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Sextastic Blonde Bombshell, Could This Be the Start of Something Beautiful?

Oh, my, Victoria Justice. Is this a trend or an anomaly? Please say trend. We’ve waited so long to see you slip out of your G-rated hottie shell into something a little more comfortable. Could this Kode Magazine pictorial featuring the usually brunette former starlet as a blonde bombshell be the tip of the sextastic iceberg? So many questions, so few answers.

So perhaps I’m a bit dramatic, as is this photoshoot. But it’s a yearning that’s been burning for so long. We fall short on very few dreams here at Egotastic! so the ones not yet fulfilled always have a sensitive spot in our souls. Like the sensitive spots we can almost kind of see on Victoria Justice and that perfect little body of hers we simply must ogle fully one day. I’ll retire for the moment, but don’t think for a second this isn’t still kicking around the subconscious. I need to write Victoria another letter. I’m sure this one will be the kicker. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kode Magazine

Victoria Justice Looks Wicked Hot at Magazine Launch Party

If there’s one thing I’ve been clamoring for, it’s a cutting edge youth focused unisex fashion and style magazine. I mean, really, the wait has been forever. Somebody started Kode magazine so non-gender specific scarves could be pimped properly to young style obsessed urbanites with a credit line from their parents. Now, the world is complete. Well, not officially until they invited Victoria Justice to cover their magazine and be the red carpet hottie highlight for their launch party. Wow, Victoria Just looked several thousand shades of amazing.

I’ve been deeply in lust with this prim and proper brunette since the days I first laid peeps upon her and surmised she likely had the body of Athena hidden beneath her G-rated exterior. We’ve yet to properly confirm such suspicions, a circumstance which has cause all my emoticon smiley faces to begin frowning. But I hope to rectify this situation soon. Just seeing Victoria in a busty sparkly outfit with those naturally alluring looks of hers, I can’t hardly wait for more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Victoria Justice Flashes Bare Midriff Because Music Cares

I still hold out hope, among other things, for Victoria Justice. So much good looks packed into one tight little brunette body that she still keeps ever so restrained from exhibitionism. But when the young 20-something starlet gets dolled up for big occasions like the Music Cares event in Hollywood, wow, damn, and a few other choice words. This is one particularly good looking nut, if you will, that remain to be cracked.

It’s been several years now of waiting for Victoria Justice to release the beast, the inner sextastic well all know can be restrained perhaps, but never diminished. Eventually, that bad boy, err, bad girl, is coming out. And you can bet I will be there when it does. With open eyes, open arms, and probably an open checkbook. The Boy Scouts taught me to be prepared. Also, how to kill a man without leaving evidence. Our troop leader was a special man. Enjoy.

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