Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand See-Throughish Top, It’s Really All Shauna Sand

I don't know how to describe fashion. I don't have the vocabulary. But I know boobs and I know I can pretty much see the yabbos on Shauna Sand through her dress top leaving Chateau Marmont the other night. We know Shauna is not shy, in the least, she was Courtney Stodden before Courtney Stodden turned sixteen and hit the after burners of celebrity tartiness.

But this dress, well, again, no fashion words, but I think it does deserve some kind of Fashion Week award from all the hoity toities. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Dresses Down, Way Down, For Dinner

Shauna Sand doesn't want you to judge her for her looks or style of dress or her enormous rack or anything other than just the woman she is on the inside. And, you could almost see her insides in the revealing dress she wore out to a couple hot spots in Hollywood the other night, flashing nearly both her inner personalities to the public save for some amazingly resilient seam work.

If there's something to be said for Shauna Sand it's that she won't back down. She won't go into hiding or pull back on her public displays of bodily and sexual exhibition. I suppose this is something I'm forced to salute, because demure and modest women-kind would not be kind to our cause. Still.... nope, not going to say it. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Almost Loses Her Bikini Due to Massive Curves

Shauna Sand almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction, or, as Shauna likes to call it, a career boost, on the beach in L.A. yesterday, barely contained in a bright orange bikini that left little to the imagination. Though, as you know, little for the imagination is still more than enough for a three-hour tour of very naughty, dirty, Shauna Sand playtime scenarios.

Despite her trumped up appearance, it's hard not to imagine Shauna being something of a fun gal to hang with, hang around, or just be hung next to. And I say this without even mentioning the fact that one of the last times we saw Shauna on the beach, she was mounted atop a gentleman. Okay, so I guess I did mention that. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Swings Her Chest Moons Over Miami in a Dress I Bet She Didn’t Know Was So Revealing

I'll say this for the vaguely famous Shauna Sand, she's never dull. I mean, if she's not banging away on a public beach or flashing her cheeks in a walk down the boulevard or flashing skin at some children's civic event, she's, well, she's letting it almost all hang out when traversing South Beach, either looking for something, or just waiting to be photographed by somebody. And, I suppose that strategy did work.

The thing about boobs is their inner magnet will attract the tiny, but powerfully drawn metallic bits speckled into the eyeballs of every man on this planet. It's not that we want to look, it's that we have to, it's a basic law of physics. And with Shauna Sand, those are some big effin' magnets. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Body Exposing Is Just Like Riding a Bike

The last time we saw Shauna Sand she was caught on camera having sex on the beach with some dude down in St. Barts, so as far as exposure levels in her public recreation time, flashing the bulk of her mammaries while on a bike ride at Venice Beach seems like she's kind of covering up.

Say what you will about Shauna Sand (and we've said most of it), the girl does not seem to try to hide who she is or what she loves doing. I suppose there's some grace in that. Plus, you get to see her knockers. Just saying. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand, Flashing Sideboob, Buying Weed, Just Being Shauna Sand

Shaun Sand SOB NSFW
Shauna Sand Caught Having Sex on the Beach With Unidentified Man
When Shauna knocks boots in front of the camera, we watch, we do. Read More »

You know how we feel here at Egotastic!, what a woman does with her body is none of our concern, I mean, outside of ogling, leering, staring, gaping, gawking, drooling, spying, photographing, imagining, and fapping, we do try to keep out of it. So, when Shauna Sand picks up her boo outside of a medicinal marijuana pharmacy in West Hollywood, and when she flashes a good measure of bare boo doing so, well, we can only be happy for her.

The last time we saw Shauna, she was literally having sex on the beach in front of a camera, so, procuring a little dank in a perfectly delicious skanky little dress seems like it might be a step up. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Caught Having Sex on the Beach (Explicit Content Warning!)


*** Explicit Content Warning: two people bumping uglies and other such adult stuff, so please, hide the kids before viewing ***

Okay, with Shauna Sand, well, it's hard to say she got caught having sex in public really since it's hard to be 'caught' just kind of being herself.

Well, with a young Courtney Stodden seemingly replacing her in terms of raunchy photo shoots in Americana institutions, Shauna has had to step up her game with some dude on vacation in St. Barts. Apparently, the story goes, Shauna was getting frisky on the beach with her man when she noticed the paparazzi shooting her. And instead of telling the photog to go away, she gave the more Sand-worthy shoutout 'Hey, why don't you shoot this!' and proceeded start making the naughty right there on the beach.

Now, everybody's got a mother somewhere, and this being mother's day week, and Shauna Sand being a mom herself, I'll respectfully keep my own honest commentary to myself on this one. Enjoy.