What’s in Kylie Jenner’s Bag?

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Echo Lawrence - September 16, 2020

Now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is being cancelled, the family have been working on taking their talents to YouTube. Kylie Jenner filmed a classic “What’s In My Bag” video for her channel which she used to promote her new skin care line, the perfume line that she collaborated on with sister Kim, her new Kylie Skin hair scrunchies and to show us what else she carries in her $50,000 Birkin bag.

Kylie shot the video in her new closet complete with glass cases that hold all her purses and shoes and matched her outfit to the bag she was using. Kylie also showed us the masks she keeps in her bags, one that says KYLIE across it and a nude one from her sister Kim’s SKIMS line. Basically we’ve learned that what’s inside Kylie’s bag is nothing like what is in ours, and that’s ok.

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