Christa B Allen Shows Off Her Roleplaying!

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Echo Lawrence - May 14, 2020

Christa b Allen Roleplaying

Christa B Allen is from ABC's Revenge. You may also know her from a few other things. I know her from consistent topless images in a "Free the Nipple" protest on social media, that you know is less about protest or women's liberation than it is about getting noticed. It's more viral video than Gloria Steinem but we'll let anyone be anything they want if their strategy to get noticed involves hotness!

She made the news as recently as 10 days ago because of Mark Ruffalo. He has developed into a pretty well respected actor who is married to someone who's legit name is Sunrise, which is weird as hell, but there was a time he won a Razzle Award for 13 going on 30, and Christa B Allen was the young Jennifer Garner and now she's doing whatever this amazingness is!

I will call it her best work!


typecasting ain’t all bad! these are the types of roles I’m frequently cast in - my take on the ##cartooncharacter trend 🤓

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  • Foolmeonce says:

    What they did to her character on ABC’s Revenge is a travesty.

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