Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand, Flashing Sideboob, Buying Weed, Just Being Shauna Sand

You know how we feel here at Egotastic!, what a woman does with her body is none of our concern, I mean, outside of ogling, leering, staring, gaping, gawking, drooling, spying, photographing, imagining, and fapping, we do try to keep out of it. So, when Shauna Sand picks up her boo outside of a medicinal marijuana pharmacy in West Hollywood, and when she flashes a good measure of bare boo doing so, well, we can only be happy for her.

The last time we saw Shauna, she was literally having sex on the beach in front of a camera, so, procuring a little dank in a perfectly delicious skanky little dress seems like it might be a step up. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Caught Having Sex on the Beach (Explicit Content Warning!)

Shauna Sand Caught Having Sex on the Beach With Unidentified Man
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*** Explicit Content Warning: two people bumping uglies and other such adult stuff, so please, hide the kids before viewing ***

Okay, with Shauna Sand, well, it’s hard to say she got caught having sex in public really since it’s hard to be ‘caught’ just kind of being herself.

Well, with a young Courtney Stodden seemingly replacing her in terms of raunchy photo shoots in Americana institutions, Shauna has had to step up her game with some dude on vacation in St. Barts. Apparently, the story goes, Shauna was getting frisky on the beach with her man when she noticed the paparazzi shooting her. And instead of telling the photog to go away, she gave the more Sand-worthy shoutout ‘Hey, why don’t you shoot this!’ and proceeded start making the naughty right there on the beach.

Now, everybody’s got a mother somewhere, and this being mother’s day week, and Shauna Sand being a mom herself, I’ll respectfully keep my own honest commentary to myself on this one. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures Leave Us Feeling Darkly Gritty

We can never really decide what to do with Shauna Sand, the former Playboy thingamajig who seems all kinds of shady jane, but undeniably, at times, brings that pumped up kicks body of hers to bear, as she did in Miami yesterday, attempting to make her own mark in the South Florida hot celebrity body competition informally taking place in the area daily.

While there is little left to Shauna that was not at one time in recycles pellet form, she does manage to put it all together into a package that we can’t stop looking at. Hence, she makes the cut. Enjoy.

Battle Skanky Gourds: Courtney Stodden vs. Shauna Sand at the Pumpkin Patch

Wow, it really was like watching Obi Wan and Luke this weekend at the pumpkin patch, where half of Hollywood’s D-list came to pick their autumnal orange for the cameras, and this year, even the ever-questionably dressed Shauna Sand found some competition in the corrupting kids at the park when what would seem to be her young new apprentice, Courtney Stodden, showed up to flash half her oddly-mature teen body to the G for Gourd rated audience at the family fun center.

Shauna Sand was kidding herself if she thought a skin-tight white dress hugging her boobtastic form would win the day, so she artfully threw in a front bending upskirt flash for the dads at the patch, just to remind them who owns the title of raunchiest urban farm visitor each year. But do not count out the 17-going-on-XXX Courtney Stodden who wants to be famous so badly, she can taste it (and probably often has), baring all kinds of country muffin skin.

Trick or Trick? Enjoy.

Pardon My French

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The Power of Shauna Sand Boobtastic Compels You

Let me be the first to point out that Shauna Sand is a fame whore of the highest order, even noteworthy in Hollywood circles. Let’s also mutually acknowledge that an enormous sunburst could superheat the earth, melt the very sand beneath her feet into glass, and 92% of Shauna Sand would still remain completely intact. Her bikini is made of more organic material than you will find in what it covers, and yet…

… I can’t stop looking at Shauna Sand in these bikini pictures from Miami the past couple of days. It’s like her android body compels my mind in ways I haven’t experienced since first discovering how to unscramble the porn on our cable television system years ago as a kid. I think it’s some uncharted branch of the nervous system that travels direct from the eyeballs to the lowballs without any interpretation by the brain.

I am rendered helpless.

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