Shauna Sand Almost Loses Her Bikini Due to Massive Curves

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bill-swift - August 15, 2013

Shauna Sand almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction, or, as Shauna likes to call it, a career boost, on the beach in L.A. yesterday, barely contained in a bright orange bikini that left little to the imagination. Though, as you know, little for the imagination is still more than enough for a three-hour tour of very naughty, dirty, Shauna Sand playtime scenarios.

Despite her trumped up appearance, it's hard not to imagine Shauna being something of a fun gal to hang with, hang around, or just be hung next to. And I say this without even mentioning the fact that one of the last times we saw Shauna on the beach, she was mounted atop a gentleman. Okay, so I guess I did mention that. Enjoy.