Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik Could Use a Little Love, So I Intend to Love Her a Little More

The multiethnic hottie from Down Under, Shanina Shaik was showing off her naturally alluring talents for Free People Swimwear, which I assume isn't free to buy, but you are free to ogle Shanina Shaik, which is plenty sweet enough a deal for me. Oh, those sultry features on display in skimpy swimwear. I might need to free my own people if you know what I'm saying, and even I really don't.

Shanina Shaik could use a little more appreciation I thin as a top flight and world class sextastic hottie. We don't see her that often, but every time we do, I'm reminded of just how badly I want to cover her buns with room temperature butter and play griddle master. Shanina, you are amazing. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Smoking Hot in Lingerie

I really and truly am in deep superficial lust with Shanina Shaik, the multicultural wonder from Down Under who models lingerie like a hot female champ.

Shanina has all the right curves in the all the right places, not a stick thin model, but a girl with some softness to her fine female form, accentuated perfectly by little bits of silky underthings. Well, near perfectly. Perfect would be no clothes at all, naturally. But I wouldn't complain if for some reason known only to Fate I found Shanina in her shiny bra and panties in my boudoir. C'mon, Fate, I so deserve this. I'm ready. Enjoy

Shanina Shaik Bootyful for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Shanina Shaik really and truly is one underrated hottie. The Arabic-Lithuanian mix of multicultural sextastic from Down Under has an exotic glow, an amazingly hot body, and a come hither appeal that is downright entrancing. Throw in some little soft bras and panties to the mix and you have the makings of one memorable Victoria's Secret lingerie shoots.

Someday, when I run my own lingerie line, Touched, By Bill, I will hire Shanina to be one of my fashion models, to strut down the runway in my largely crotchless collection, and show the world my creative stitching genius. I'll also make sure to have a lot of that insurance you can buy in case you accidentally get too grabby one day at work. You know, in case Shanina gets grabby with me. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Lingerie Pictures Are The Next Hottest Thing

Aussie swimwear and lingerie model Shanina Shaik probably doesn't get the credit she deserves for being just ridiculously hot.

Maybe it's an offshoot of being a brunette model from Down Under, girls who could get lost in casting, but at just 22, Shanina and her Eurasian distinctive looks is producing all kinds of neck turning injuries among those checking her out. In pictorials like this modeling gig for Next Lingerie. Some bras, some panties, and a whole lot of lust inducement.

I'd buy panties off, err, from, this young lady. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Lingerie Pictures Show What Happens When You Mix a Hot Body With Tiny Underthings

We haven't seen sweet and sextastic Aussie model Shanina Shaik in some time, so imagine my surprise while perusing various department store lingerie catalogs (hey, it's my job, and somebody's got to do it), Shanina didn't appear like a heavenly hot creature in little bits of silk and lace in the intimate apparel promos for Nordstrom's.

Now, we see many superb and supremely faptastic lingerie bodies on this website, and we can't possibly show you each and every single one of them, but you know what? We're going to damn well try. Because to miss a long leering look at the ridiculously wicked body of Shanina Shaik, well, that'd be a true sin. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Delivers Down Under Hotness for Jack

I think pretty much any girl named Sheik or Shaik is simply bound to be super hot, not the least of which is Aussie exotic supermodel Shanina Shaik, who pleases our special spots to no end.

The highly sought after model appears in a small, but smoking hot pictorial in our favorite aptly named magazine, Jack, where she shows off just one ridonkulous body in itty bitty bits of clothing. It's quite the visual feast. Enjoy.

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