Shanina Shaik Boobtastic Out in Leather

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bill-swift - February 6, 2017

I might've called this perfect if the blessedly hot Shanina Shaik hadn't been the first person to wear a bra in Hollywood in almost three years. Why, Shanina? This is like a slap in the face really. Or a funbag to the face we may now never receive thanks to the restraining order beneath the sweater. But I digress.

The sextastic multi-ethnic model from Down Under has camped herself and her hotness and her horrible boyfriend decisions in Los Angeles where she too must now pretend to eat as she hits up the two or three hot spot restaurants n Tinsel Town. And why not a tight sweater and leather skirt and knee high boots. It's kind of like my birthday, minus that bra. I can't help but mention it. You've got the power to create so much wonderful visual damage. Never set the phasers to stun. You're a hottie winner. To kill. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet