Charlotte Lawrence Bringing Summer Back!

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Echo Lawrence - November 30, 2020

Charlotte Lawrence is one of the celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19 and spent a lot of time at home alone during this quarantine. She's also been working on new music and has been sharing some at home sessions on her Instagram while she strums her guitar.

The singer is bringing us back to the summertime vibes we could all use right now, in some outtakes from her shoot with Notion magazine. When talking to the magazine about her music, the 20 year old said that most of her songs are depressing or EMO if you will.

“I’ve always connected with songs that are lyrically driven to spark an emotion, that tells a story and you’re like, I feel for this girl or I feel for him, I’ve been there before, I’ve done that. Even if I write a super poppy dance song, most of my songs have an underlying negative emotion to it”