Hailey Baldwin Wants YOU to Vote!

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Echo Lawrence - August 27, 2020

Hailey Baldwin has teamed up with Levis to encourage you to vote, I don’t know who doesn’t already know that voting is happening but ya, Levis wants to remind you and they wanted to pay Hailey Baldwin to also remind you to vote. Levis has some other names pushing the vote thing like Jaden Smith, Miguel, Ross Butler, and Brandon Flynn.

The campaign is trying to educate US voters about their voting status, rights and registration information ahead of the election this November 3 by releasing hoodies with slogans on them. If I ever buy a sweater that says VOTE across it I want someone to shoot me. Bring back the P.Diddy slogan VOTE or DIE if you’re so serious about it!

This is what Jaden Smith had to say about the campaign:

"With all the change we need to see in the world - the progress we need - voting is the one way any individual can have a say in his or her future - if my generation registers and votes en masse then we control the future - but you have to vote!!!"

  • Bobby Ballsack says:

    Vote MAGA. Biden is a doddering incontinent clown.

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