Bella Hadid Cut Her Own Hair!

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Echo Lawrence - April 20, 2020

Bella Hadid is joining in on the newest quarantine trend which involves girls cutting their own bangs, which is a typically a pretty big decision, but things are different out there during quarantine times. In the real world, Bella could have the top hair stylists cut her impromptu new bangs, but it looks like she just couldn’t wait! Bella's also a Libra so it's natural for her to take matters into her own hands and use her creative skills.

So to show off her brand new blunt bangs, Bella put on a tight orange crop top and posed in her mothers backyard, playing around with IG filters and being “shy” by pulling down the sleeves of her shirt and giving a lil smirk to the camera. Someones feeling her new ‘do!

Bella Hadid Bangs NIpples

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