Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Hottie on a Hot Tin Roof!

Whoa, Scarlett Johansson on stage in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway almost makes me want to reconsider my no legit theater prohibition. Dramatic stage theater has gone way down hill since I got to second base with the girl playing Aunt Eller in our high school production of Oklahoma, not a bad dig for a stage hand on school probation. But Scarlett Johansson in lingerie as Maggie, I just might have to reconsider.

Of course, Scarlett may never top her leading lady role in I Shot Naughty Photos of Myself and Emailed Them to Ryan, but, then again, her biggest fan will have to wait ten years in the pokie now to see her in that performance. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Becomes the $20 Million Woman in a Tight Top in Paris

On the same day that it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would be receiving $20 million for her returning role as Black Widow in the planned sequel to The Avengers, the busty Hebrew School Hottie took Paris by storm, well, not by storm, but by way of glasses and a cigarette (so French), and, more importantly, flashing her moneymaking melons beneath a super tight top. Now that’s the Scarlett we know and lust.

We’ve never wanted anything but goodness for Scarlett, her disturbingly obnoxious reps aside, Scarlett Johansson deserves everything she’s getting. Now, if she’d just share a tiny smidgeon of her success with us, in particular, those smidgeons we can see underneath her tight top. That would be worth more than $20 million in happy memories. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Bikini Pics on a Motherf***ing Boat off the Coast of Italy

Okay, first, forgive us the sight of the dude next to her but those two were tightly entwined the entire time our telescopic lenses were shooting them from the coastal lookout point along The Boot. We couldn’t remove him, which is to us a 100% sign that somebody is knocking boots. And that somebody happens to be bumping uglies with Scarlett Johansson who was out sunbathing in a bikini atop the forecastle of this particular yacht, entwined in this other man’s proximity. And we would do pretty much anything to see Scarlett in a bikini.

The curvaceous young actress has been laying low since her big Avengers promo time earlier this summer, and I suppose where she’s been laying is on this boat in Italy, or across this dude, because she looks hella relaxed, like a woman unwound. Consider me beyond jealous. Enjoy.

First Look at Scarlett Johansson in Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Under the Skin’

The hot and sultry Scarlett Johansson has had an amazing past couple of weeks. The Avengers, where she starred as the Black Widow, smashed a couple of US box office records when it premiered in theaters last May 4th. She also finally got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a couple of weeks ago.

But Scarlett isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, because she’s already hard at work on a new sci-fi thriller as we speak.


Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara Lead List of Hotties at the Met Museum of Art Costume Gala

Now, the last time I got invited to a costume party, I attended the event dressed as one of the members of the Teletubbies, so you can imagine how long ago that way, like three or four years now. And I somehow didn’t receive my invitation to the more prestigious, celebrity A-list only Metropolitan Museum of Art annual Costume Gala, that brings out essentially every single top tier star in Hollywood to this swank N.Y.C. dress up event. I bet they’re not serving up Gino’s Pizza Rolls in that shindig.

While not invited, we still get the benefit of seeing this amazing plethora of sextastic celebs, of which we picked our 15 or so favorites, led by the likes of the super busty hot Scarlett Johansson, ever red carpet stealing Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz looking especially bosomy protruding, and Anja Rubik in a dress you will not soon forget, just to name a few.

Check them all out and see who you think would make your hottest virtual prom date. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Finally Gets Immortalized in Cement (She’s Long Been Immortalized in Our Libidos)

I suppose the cynical among us might see the Scarlett Johansson star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as just another marketing ploy to pimp the shizz out of the release of The Avengers this coming Friday. And, yeah, we’re cynical, so likely there was some kind of check going from Disney to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on this one. Not that our sextatstic delight Scarlett Johansson doesn’t deserve many an accolade for her decade long run now of providing young female boobtastic on the silver screen. But we must say that a lifetime type achievement award seems a bit heavy for a 27-year old actress, although it did lead to her hotness out in public for the afternoon, so that was a big plus.

Long ago we awarded Scarlett with a place in the pantheon of the girls we will forever undress in our minds. And while Jeremy Renner was not there to introduce Scarlett for that particular award, we like to think she was equally honored. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Cleavetastic Premiere Pics Have Us Drooling For More Black Widow

We really are having a tough time waiting for The Avengers to open in the U.S. here, a couple more weeks, and seeing photos of the cleavy Scarlett Johansson at the Moscow premiere for the film certainly isn’t helping.

It’s not so much that we can’t wait to see Scarlett as Black Widow in the film as it is the almost certain to be nightly fun time dreams of her in that skintight costume making us perform all sorts of indecent acts. She’s got just the right kind of body to turn even the most innocent of moments into the most tempting of fantasies. Oh, no, it’s beginning already… enjoy.